Your SEO Checklist, Use This to Get High Rankings

Would not it be great to have a blueprint that you can follow to get first page rankings in Google? I said the same thing when I was becoming overwhelmed with what to do as far as my SEO efforts go. So I set out to create a checklist of formula.

I will be outlining that formula here in this article so you can copy it and use it to get more traffic and profits for your business. I use this formula every time I start a new website. I simply complete the checklist and move on to the next project. This is online business at its finest.

Your SEO Checklist

1. Keyword Research – every action online starts with a keyword. You must make sure that your targeting buyer keywords. You also do not want to target keywords that everyone is competitive for. Go for the low hanging fruit. These are keywords with less competition but also less traffic. You just have to rank for a number of them to get good results.

2. Site Optimization – here you want to make sure you Title tag includes your keyword and that your META description actually describes your site well.

3. Add Unique Content – Google and other search engines simple love unique content. This adds value to their searchers. So by giving them what they want you in turn get the traffic and sales you want.

4. Add a blog – a weblog or WordPress blog does wonders to your rankings. Adding a blog to your site is very easy these days. There is a ton of information online, on how to do this.

5. Start building links – This is where the magic happens! Look for relevant sites that will allow you to leave a link back to your site. The goal is to get as many as possible.

Please keep in mind that these are your basic steps. Each step needs to be explained further. You can do your research on each step to add on to this easy checklist.


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