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Pressing questions about Gutenberg: the new editor in WordPress 5.0 • Yoast

December 6th, 2018, we’ll see the release of WordPress 5.0. With it comes one of the most talked about — and divisive — new features ever: a brand-new editor, the one we currently know as Gutenberg. Gutenberg is not just a simple refresh of the interface, no, it is an entirely re-imagined editor with a new concept. Blocks will be your best friends from now on. Here, we’ll answer a couple of burning questions about the new WordPress editor.

Should you update right away? Read Joost’s advice on updating to WordPress 5.0!

  • A little refresher: What is Gutenberg?
  • When will WordPress 5.0 arrive?
  • Will my site break when I update to WordPress 5.0?
  • I want to test Gutenberg and WordPress 5.0, but how do I do that?
  • I’m a bit hesitant to update to WordPress 5.0, can I wait?
  • I’ve heard people describe Gutenberg as a page builder, is that true?
  • What are these blocks all about?
  • What will happen to my existing content?
  • What’s the best way to learn the new editor in WordPress 5.0?
  • What will happen to my shortcodes?
  • Will Gutenberg work with the plugins I use?
  • Will Gutenberg work with my theme?
  • Will Gutenberg hurt my rankings?
  • Does Gutenberg have any other implications for SEO?
  • Can I use Gutenberg with assistive technologies?
  • I can’t cope with this change! Why can’t everything stay the same?
  • Please tell me your favorite time-saving tip!

A little refresher: What is Gutenberg?

Gutenberg is a new, cutting-edge editor in WordPress. It uses the concept of blocks to offer a more visual way of organizing your content. These blocks are like LEGO blocks, and because they are standardized, every block works the same way. Pick the one you like to add to your content, fill in the necessary contents and move on to the next block. This process is easy to understand — no longer do you need shortcodes, custom fields or external code to get something done. Almost everything is available as a block — and if not, it will arrive soon.

This new editor comes at a time when WordPress is the most prominent CMS out there. WordPress powers over 30% of the web and the adoption is still growing. Competition, however, is getting fiercer. The growth of sitebuilder tools like Squarespace and Wix is explosive. WordPress needs to stay ahead of the pack, but to do that it requires a drastic technological overhaul. WordPress 5.0 and the Gutenberg editor bring not only an updated editing environment, but also a rebuilt foundation that will support many more revolutionary developments. For more information, please read the official Gutenberg Handbook to learn all about the how and why of the new WordPress editor.

When will WordPress 5.0 arrive?

WordPress 5.0 is scheduled to arrive on Thursday, December 6, 2018. Time is short, which means you need to get busy getting ready.

Will my site break when I update to WordPress 5.0?

There’s always a possibility of that happening, but the WordPress core team does its utmost best to prevent this. WordPress 5.0 is a major release, and you shouldn’t forget that an average site is made up of many moving parts — themes, plugins, meta boxes, custom code, etc. There are thousands and thousands of themes and plugins, and not everything works well together — a crooked combination of those could very well cause your site to crash. So, before you upgrade to WordPress 5.0 and activate the new editor, you should have thoroughly tested your configuration for faults. You should at least install the Classic Plugin to be sure.

Will Yoast SEO continue to work?

Absolutely, we’ve been supporting Gutenberg for some time now. Our first Gutenberg-proof release was Yoast SEO 8.0, and we’ve improved support up to our most recent release, Yoast SEO 9.2. We’ve introduced a special Gutenberg sidebar to make it easier to work with Yoast SEO inside the new editor. Also, we added structured data content blocks for two schema’s: how-to and FAQ. You can now add valid structured data to your post by simply selecting a block and filling out the fields. But that’s not all; this new WordPress editor lets us do all kinds of cool stuff en we’re currently exploring several exciting options. Stay tuned!

I want to test Gutenberg and WordPress 5.0, but how do I do that?

Testing doesn’t have to be hard — for most sites, you don’t need a full-fledged staging environment. Here’s a very concise guide to help you start testing right away — even if you want to test current and upcoming release candidates:

  1. Install a local server like DesktopServer (there’s even a blueprint for Gutenberg you can install) or Local by Flywheel
  2. Install a backup plugin on your site, like Duplicator
  3. Run a full backup of your site, including themes, etc.
  4. Migrate the Duplicator package to your new test site
  5. Install the WordPress Beta Tester plugin
  6. Select which type of beta you want to install in Tools > Beta Testing
  7. Install the latest WordPress update

Another viable option to quickly get a copy of your site working is the WP-Staging plugin. Whichever route you take, you should have a mirror image of your site, and that should be enough to test WordPress 5.0 and Gutenberg on. After this process, check everything — your content, themes, performance, everything. Install the Health Check plugin to help find any problems. And, above all, ALWAYS back up your site before doing anything drastic.

I’m a bit hesitant to update to WordPress 5.0, can I wait?

Sure! You can wait it out for a bit to see what happens. Some people rather sit on a release and update only when a supporting release becomes available. There’s no need to immediately hit that update button, especially during the busy holiday season. Or, if you do want WordPress 5.0, but not the new editor, you could always install the Classic Editor plugin and run the update once you’re sure nothing breaks. The Classic Editor plugin will receive support until December 31, 2021.

I’ve heard people describe Gutenberg as a page builder, is that true?

There’s a big misunderstanding about this, but, no, Gutenberg is not a page builder — not yet at least. The new WordPress editor is also not a front-end editor. As it stands now, it is a content editor. Gutenberg introduces the blocks concept and makes it easy for you to get the most out of your content.

While the new WordPress editor makes it a lot easier to visually build a page, it won’t let you enter the territory operated by Elementor or Beaver Builder. Keep in mind that this is only the first stage of the Gutenberg project. Initially, we’ll get a revamped editor with a drastically modernized core. After that, we’ll enter stage 2 in which we’ll see a move from post to page templates. Ultimately, in stage 3, Gutenberg will evolve into full site customization.

Remember, customization is the primary goal of Gutenberg — design not so much. It will take a long time before Gutenberg will make page builders obsolete, if ever! Gutenberg was not built to put page builders out of business. On the contrary, the new editor provides a solid foundation for page builders to build on using modern technologies and a shared concept. In the end, this will improve both page builders as well as WordPress itself.

What are these blocks all about?

Blocks are the core concept of the new WordPress editor. Everything we needed an editor, shortcodes, meta boxes, custom post types or widgets for, you can build with the universal concept of blocks. As we’ve said before, you can think of blocks as LEGO bricks — pick the pieces you need from the pile and build until your work is done. Blocks are consistent, findable, dynamic, easy to understand and a breeze to work with. Rearranging the blocks is simple — use the move arrows on the left side of the block, or drag and drop them. Blocks are also individual pieces of content that contain all the metadata in a simple package. If you want, you can save blocks as a reusable block to use elsewhere, thus saving you loads of time.

What will happen to my existing content?

Your content will still be there, of course, and everything will probably be fine. Old content lives in the so-called classic format; this is a big blob of text instead of the blocks you’ll get when you make a new post. Of course, you can convert your existing content to blocks whenever you want. Open the post, click inside the classic block, click on the three little dots next to the text field and select Convert to Blocks. Most content should be converted without issue.

Gutenberg classic format convert to blocks

Convert classic format text to Gutenberg blocks

Existing and old posts probably won’t automatically convert to using Gutenberg blocks — and automated conversion processes won’t necessarily do a great job of presenting the page. At some point, website managers might need to go need back through everything they’ve written and ‘upgrade’ that content if they want those posts to remain competitive.

If you don’t want to convert your content to blocks, you can always continue to use the classic editor inside the old content. There’s an embedded version of the old editor, and you can continue to edit the old post right inside Gutenberg. If you want, you can even add a Classic block and continue to work a bit like the old days. But if you really want to kick Gutenberg to the curb, you might be better off installing the Classic Editor plugin.

What’s the best way to learn the new editor in WordPress 5.0?

Our SEO wizard Jono Alderson has some great tips:

“It’s not enough to just write anymore. Many people prefer to write their content in external systems (Google Docs, Word, Notepad, etc), because historically, that’s been a cleaner/easier environment than writing directly in the WordPress editor. However, to take advantage of Gutenberg, you really need to be writing in it as you construct the page. Really taking advantage of the system requires that you think about the structure of your content, the layout, the block types, and their formatting. That’s a much more involved and conscious process, which people will need to plan and prepare for.”

What will happen to my shortcodes?

Shortcodes are used for loads of reasons, so it was a priority for the Gutenberg team to make sure that everything continues to work as it should. Shortcodes will live on in separate shortcode blocks, and you can keep using them as you did before. Eventually, you’re better off turning these shortcodes into blocks. This way, your shortcode content becomes visual content, and you can see what happens when you add it to a post. No need to keep clicking that Preview button to see how it looks on the front end. What’s more, shortcodes become part of the consistent Gutenberg language and will be a lot easier to understand for everyone.

Will Gutenberg work with the plugins I use?

The WordPress ecosystem prides itself on its extensibility — you can find loads and loads of plugins for every task imaginable. This comes with a cost though, as it is impossible to test every combination of these plugins to find problems. So, it’s hard to say if the plugins you use will continue to work like before. Not only does that depend on your configuration, but also on the willingness of the plugin developer to keep the plugin updated.

Will Gutenberg work with my theme?

WordPress 5.0 should work fine with any theme, but it could be that theme builders still need to build in Gutenberg-specific features like block styling and full-width images. The same goes for page builders; there’s a chance that your custom work needs some fine-tuning. As we’ve said before, test everything before updating your live site.

Will Gutenberg hurt my rankings?

Rest assured, Gutenberg will not kill your rankings. You do, however, need to take care when updating. If for some reason, your site has a lot of errors after updating and you’re not quick to fix them, search engines might see this a sign of bad maintenance and take that into account when evaluating your rankings. This is another reason why you should test everything thoroughly before hitting that Update button on your live site!

Does Gutenberg have any other implications for SEO?

A potential worry we have is one of site speed — and we all know site speed influences SEO. Currently, Gutenberg adds a bit of overhead to your site that might have an impact on loading speed. Adding this across the board for a load of sites might make a whole piece of the web somewhat slower. While it is unclear what the effect of this might be, we know search engines prefer fast sites, so we hope this issue will be solved.

Plugins for Gutenberg might pose a risk, says Jono:

“Plugins are going to start adding support for all sorts of different types of blocks. Some of them are going to make a mess. We’re anticipating plugins which add blocks which make sites slow, add messy inline code, cause conflicts, and duplicate functionality – people will need to be careful when they consider which plugins they use!”

On the other hand, Gutenberg produces very nice, clean HTML compared to real site builders. Not to mention the elegant way we can now work with structured data, as we do with our Yoast SEO structured data content blocks. Gutenberg also gives us a lot of tools to improve the way we work with content.

Can I use Gutenberg with assistive technologies?

There’s been a big discussion about the accessibility of Gutenberg. While the Gutenberg team said from the start “accessibility was not an afterthought,” it does feel like it was. Several members of the accessibility team even resigned because of the sad state of affairs. So, to answer the question is Gutenberg accessible? No, not fully. It will take a while before that will happen, if ever. It’s not a perfect situation, but there’s always the Classic Editor plugin as an ultimate fallback. Gutenberg is in development for nearly two years and, to keep momentum, it has to be rolled out sooner, rather than later. In that regard, accessibility experts have shared a lot of grievances over Gutenberg, but, looking back, might not have contributed enough to fix or prevent those issues.

I can’t cope with this change! Why can’t everything stay the same?

We can understand the frustration, but to stay ahead and to evolve, WordPress needs to keep moving. While the process leading up to Gutenberg might not have been the prettiest, everyone felt the old editor was long in the tooth and in drastic need of an update. But the beauty of this new editor is that it not only transports it to the 21st century but that it has the potential to jump some light years ahead! Much of what we’ve been dreaming of will become possible.

But of course, we all need time to adjust to it. We’ve been using the classic editor for many years and built up a lot of muscle memory. That’s why Jono’s suggestion is so good: work inside the editor, get accustomed to it so you can unlock the full potential of it!

Please tell me your favorite time-saving tip!

Ok, one of the things I find myself using a lot in WordPress 5.0 is the / shortcut. Type this in an empty block, followed by the first letters of the block you want and you will be instantly presented with the block you’re looking for. You can use this for everything! Try it; it’s awesome.quick select gutenberg

Read more: What is Gutenberg? »

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Indexing in Yoast SEO: Show x in search results? • Yoast

Before a search engine can rank a page or a post, it needs to index it. A crawler must discover a piece of content before it can evaluate if it is a valuable addition to its index. One of the ways crawlers discover pages, is by crawling XML sitemaps. After a page has been indexed, a search engine can rank the piece of content if it fits the users search query best. Yoast SEO makes it easy for you to determine what should be indexable.

Show x in search results?

Determining what has to be indexed by crawlers and what not tends to be hard to understand and it’s easy to make a mistake. You wouldn’t be the first to have unknowingly set a whole post type to noindex, making it unavailable to search engines. We’ve thought long and hard about this and drastically simplified this process for you. Now it all boils down to asking you a straightforward question: Do you want x to appear in search engines?

Search Appearance

You can find the individual settings for making your content available for indexing in the corresponding parts of Yoast SEO. You’ll find the settings for posts and pages in the Content Types part of the Search Appearance tab. Taxonomies like categories and tags can be found in the Taxonomies tab.

By saying Yes to the ‘Show Posts in search results’ question in the post settings, for instance, you make sure that your posts will appear in the XML sitemap and, therefore, in the search results.

If you want to exclude something, you can switch this toggle to No, and the taxonomy or post type will not appear in the XML sitemap. Because of that, it will not appear in the search results. Whenever you set something to not appear in search engines, it will be noindexed and kept from the XML sitemap.

Exclude individual posts

Of course, you can also exclude individual posts from the XML sitemaps from the Yoast SEO meta box in the post editor. Click on the cog icon and select No to the ‘Allow search engines to show this Post in search results?’ question.No index

View your XML sitemap

You should always check your sitemap to see if the content you want to include appears in the XML sitemap. While you’re there, you should also check if the content you want to exclude from the sitemap doesn’t appear in it.

You can find your XML sitemap by going to General >Features > XML Sitemaps > ? (click on the question mark).

xml sitemaps coastal media seoWe’ve taken away a lot of the confusion around indexing content and XML sitemaps by simplifying things. But, most importantly, it is now so much easier to determine what should and should not appear in search results.

More on XML sitemaps

XML sitemaps are a kind of treasure map for search engine robots. They crawl them to discover new or updated content on your site. Every site benefits from a sitemap. Your rankings won’t soar if you add one, but it does help the crawlers to discover your content that much easier. If you need more information about the use of XML sitemaps on your site, we have some further reading for you:

Read more: What is an XML sitemap and why should you have one? »

Keep reading: The sense and nonsense of an XML sitemap »

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How to test WordPress 5.0 — and every other new release • Yoast

December 6, 2018, is the day we shall remember for the birth of WordPress 5.0 and its new block editor. While we love the new editor, we’re advising people to hold off updating to WordPress 5.0 until early next year when the release will be much more stable. Not to mention, the busy holidays will have come and gone. This should leave you ample time to thoroughly test the new release and come to grips with the inner workings of the new block editor. Here, we’ll explain how you can easily set up a local testing environment to safely test WordPress 5.0.

Step 0: Always back up your stuff!

We can’t say this enough: always, always, always back up your site! Set up automatic backups using plugins like UpdraftPlus, Blogvault, BackWPup or online tools like ManageWP. Most WordPress-friendly web hosting companies like WPEngine have tools to make and manage backups as well. So, options aplenty — use them!

Table of contents

  • Step 0: Always back up your stuff!
  • Step 1: Set up a local server
  • Step 2: Making a Duplicator backup
  • Step 3: Set up WordPress Beta Tester
  • Step 4: Install the Classic Editor plugin
  • Step 5: For extra insights install Health Check
  • Step 6: Test all the things!
  • Bonus step 1: Set up a staging environment
  • Bonus step 2: An alternative with WP-Staging
  • Happy testing!

Step 1: Set up a local server

To test WordPress and its new block editor Gutenberg locally, you need to install a local server. In the old days, you had to download and configure all pieces of this puzzle by hand, making it a tough job for the average site owner. Today, you can install a fine-tuned local server in a matter of minutes and with a minimum amount of clicks. During the installation, you’ll even set up a WordPress site so you can get going quickly.

There are several local server tools aimed at the WordPress user, but we find ServerPress and Local by FlyWheel to be the best and easiest to work with. In this article, we’ll focus on Local by FlyWheel as that has the nicest all-in-one interface, handy SSL support and a unique way to share your local site online.

Download Local by Flywheel

Go to the Local by Flywheel site and click that big green Free Download button. Choose your operating system, fill in the fields and hit the Get it now button. The package will now download to your computer. Double click on the installer package to install Local by Flywheel on your computer.

Set up your local WordPress site with Local by Flywheel

After Local by Flywheel is installed on your system, doubleclick it to run the app. You’ll notice it’ll take a while to start all services. After it’s done, you’ll be greeted by a screen with a big green button to create a new site, but hold off clicking that button, though.Install Local by Flywheel

Set up the local copy of your WordPress site

There are several ways to get your site available locally:

  • Manually install everything and move it with Duplicator
  • Or, create your local site straight from the package — fast and easy

Of course, you’re going with the quick and easy option here. But first, you need to get your files, posts, plugins, settings and themes — everything. To do that, you need a full backup of your site. In this case, you’ll use the Duplicator plugin to make an exact copy of your site to your local server. Log into your real site, install the Duplicator plugin from the Plugins directory and follow the instructions.

Step 2: Making a Duplicator backup

After installing Duplicator, you can make a new so-called package. A package is a complete collection of every part of your site. You can move this package easily to another server, or a local site like you’re doing here. Duplicator can do a lot of other stuff and we’d encourage you to read up on that.Duplicator package screenClick Create New and set up the details for the package. Give it a name and browse through the options. For most sites, the default settings are fine. Do give the other options a look-see, though.duplicator create package settingsHit Next and Duplicator’ll start scanning your site. This can take a little while, depending on how big your site is.Duplicator scan completeOnce it’s done, you’ll get an overview of the status — it’s best if everything is green here. If it is, you’re good to go and you can start building your package by clicking the Build button. Building might take a while. After it’s done, you’ll get two files to download. Download the archive package and place it in an easy to find place.

Move the package to Local by Flywheel

Open the Local by Flywheel interface and simply drag your archive package anywhere in the interface. You’ll see an icon with the text Drop to import site appear. After that, you get a screen asking you to give your new test site a name. move to local by flywheelAfter hitting Continue, you get a screen asking you to select a server  environment to base your site on. Please choose Perferred unless you want to test in a specific combination of technologies. Done? Click on the Import Site button. Local by Flywheel will now extract the files of your site and set up a new WordPress environment.extractingThis process might take a while if you have a big site. After it’s done, you’ll see the Local by Flywheel dashboard of your new site and you are ready log in by clicking on the Admin button. If all is well, you’ll find your real site in tact! Please check if everything is in order before you continu.my first test site

Step 3: Set up WordPress Beta Tester

Once you’ve verified your old site is working great, it’s time to update WordPress to the latest version. Since WordPress 5.0 is now out, you can update your test environement via the regular update process. Alternatively, there’s a great plugin that can help you test upcoming releases. The WordPress Beta Tester plugin makes it incredibly easy to test the very latest development versions of WordPress, even if they are so-called bleeding edge nightlies.

Find WordPress Beta Tester in the plugin repository, install it and activate the plugin. To test get the latest version of WordPress 5.0, you need to go to Tools > Beta Testing and pick the Point release nightlies. After that, go to Dashboard > Updates and you’ll see that there’s an update available. Hit that blue Upgrade Now button to get started. Eventually, you’ll see that Welcome to WordPress 5.0 screen. That’s all! The WordPress Beta Tester will keep your test site updated to the latest WordPress version.Welcome to WordPress 5.0

Step 4: Install the Classic Editor plugin

WordPress 5.0 is now active on your test site and you are welcome to explore it. There’s one thing we need to do, though — install the Classic Editor plugin. With this plug installed everything will become like it was before the release of WordPress 5.0 and you can continue to use the old editor instead of the block editor. At the moment, we’re advising people not to upgrade until WordPress 5.0 is a bit more stable, come January. Even then, we’d like people to install the Classic Editor plugin to minimize the risk of things breaking down. The Classic Editor plugin is available until December 31, 2021.

Of course, you can try this out on your test site as well. Find the Classic Editor plugin in the repository, install and activate it. Go to Settings > Writing and pick one of the two options: replace the new editor with the Classic Editor completely, or use the new editor by default and make the Classic Editor a fallback option.Classic Editor settings

Step 5: For extra insights install Health Check

In need of more insights into the inner workings of your WordPress install? If so, the Health Check plugin might give you what you need. It offers a great overview of everything that is going on on your site and it even has a Troubleshooting Mode that helps you find and fix issues. You can find the Health Check plugin in the WordPress plugin repository.

Step 6: Test all the things!

Now that you’ve set up a complete local copy of your real site, it is time to get testing! Click through your posts and pages, check your theme, find out if all your plugins are compatible, test your meta boxes, shortcodes etcetera, etcetera. Users of page builder plugins should take extra care to check that these plugins are fully compatible with WordPress 5.0 and the new editor.

In addition, the most important thing for you to do is to get acquainted with the new block editor. How does it interact with your content? Are there ways to improve your content with the new possibilities the new editor offers? Maybe there are blocks that help you build your content? Or you might just get a brilliant idea for a totally new block. Everything is possible. Now, go forth and test!

Bonus step 1: Set up a staging environment

A local installation of your site will only get you so far. While you can test how your site looks and works in a local environment, there’s no way to test using a real-world set-up. For this, you need a staging environment. A staging environment is a restricted copy of your site on your server that you can use to test and develop your site. Depending on the setup, you can push changes you make on your staging environment to your live site. Many WordPress-friendly web hosters like Kinsta and Siteground offer an easy way to set up and manage a staging environment.

Bonus step 2: An alternative with WP-Staging

In addition to setting up a staging environment at a hosting company, or using Duplicator to fix this for you, there’s another option: the WP-Staging plugin. This plugin helps you set up a staging environment right from the WordPress backend.

Happy testing!

In this article, you have seen how easy it is to get a local version of your site up and running. If you’ve followed along, you can now go out into the wild and start testing every inch of your site to get ready for WordPress 5.0 and the new block editor. Don’t forget, you should test every major version of WordPress, not just this one. If you want to make testing an even more integral part of your set up, you can choose to set up a staging environment on your server.

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What does the redirects manager in Yoast SEO do? • Yoast

The redirects manager in Yoast SEO Premium is a real lifesaver. It’s a feature we at Yoast use many times a day. Once you used it for a while, you wonder how you ever lived without it. The redirects manager makes everyday website optimization and maintenance a piece of cake. It takes care of all redirect tasks, so you don’t have to think about that as much. In the end, it will save you lots of time and money. Here, we’ll shed some more light on the invaluable redirects manager in Yoast SEO.

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What is a redirect?

Before we get into the awesomeness of the Yoast SEO redirects manager lets take a brief look at redirects. A redirect happens when a particular URL is deleted or changed and the browser gets served another URL in exchange. If a site owner deletes a page and does not redirect that old page, visitors to that page will see a 404 error message/page. So, to send visitors to a substitute URL or another relevant page, you need a redirect.

There are loads of reasons for why you would need a redirect:

  • When you delete a post or page;
  • When you change an URL structure;
  • If you move from HTTP to HTTPS;
  • Whenever you move a domain;
  • If you edit the slug of a category;
  • Etc.

Historically, deleting a page and making the correct redirect was a nasty chore. You had to do it manually in the .htaccess file or with scripts on the server-side, like Apache’s mod_rewrite or ngix rewrite module. In all cases, there was code involved. Not something anyone was remotely comfortable doing. Today, with Yoast SEO Premium that process is dead easy. If you are in need of a WordPress redirect plugin, give this one a try!

What does Yoast SEO do with redirects?

Using Yoast SEO Premium, making a redirect becomes a straightforward process. It takes just a couple of quick steps. Let’s say you want to delete a post:

  • Open the post that needs to be deleted
  • Move it to trash
  • Choose if it should receive a 410 content deleted redirect or a redirect to another page
  • Hit OK and you’re done!
  • Easy peasy, right?

redirect deleted post redirects manager

As you can see, the redirects manager in Yoast SEO Premium is an incredibly simple tool to work with redirects. It asks you what you want to do with an old URL whenever you change or delete a post or page. This process takes place in the redirects manager or the post editor. The tool asks you if you want to redirect the post to another URL or to serve a 410 content deleted header, for instance.

Correctly redirecting pages keeps your site usable, fresh and healthy. Visitors won’t stumble upon dead links and neither would Google. Google loves sites that are perfectly maintained. The cool thing is that everyone can do this and you won’t even need to call in your developer to fix it for you.

Not sure how the redirects manager in Yoast SEO works? Check this video and it becomes much clearer:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ms98PF0d5c?feature=oembed&enablejsapi=1&origin=https://coastal media brand.com/wp&w=600&h=338]

Types of redirects

The redirects manager supports the most essential redirects. Below you can find the supported redirects. If you need more information about these different redirects, please read the Which redirect post. Want to know the difference between a 302 and a 307? We’ve got you covered which this post on HTTP status codes.

  • 301 – Moved permanently
  • 302 – Found
  • 307 – Temporary redirect
  • 410 – Content deleted
  • 451 – Content unavailable for legal reasons

Inside the redirects manager in Yoast SEO

The redirect manager can do a lot more cool stuff. You can bulk edit your existing redirects to, for instance, change them from a 307 to a 301. Or you can filter for redirects to see which ones need changing or you can find a specific redirect on an article and change it to something else.

edit redirect redirects manager

Integrates with Google Search Console

If combined with the power of Google Search Console, you’ll get the ultimate in site maintenance power at your fingertips. Let Yoast SEO Premium access your Search Console account and you’ll see all the crawl errors appear. After that, you can use the redirect manager to create redirects of all 404 errors instantly. Spring cleaning, anyone?

Michiel did an excellent job explaining how you can connect Yoast SEO to Search Console and how to fix crawl errors. Read that if you want to know more about the combined power of these two killer site maintenance tools.

redirects search console coastal media brand seo

edit redirects search console coastal media brand seo

REGEX redirects

Not for the faint-hearted, but for the true redirect kings. That doesn’t mean you can’t learn to use it as well because you should. Making redirects with regular expressions is different because you have to determine what should happen and how it should happen. It is an incredibly powerful tool that can do crazy smart stuff and is your go-to tool if you need to do very specific or large-scale redirects.

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WordPress redirect plugin

(The redirects manager in) Yoast SEO Premium is an excellent tool, not just as an SEO tool but as a site maintenance tool as well. But don’t just take our word for it. As writer Jody Lee Cates told us:

“I hesitated to pay for Yoast Premium because I am a new blogger without much income yet. But I’m so, so happy I did! The time the redirect manager is saving me is priceless! And it’s giving me the freedom to change URL’s to improve SEO without worrying about creating redirects on my own.”

How’s that for an endorsement?

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The Definitive Guide to Writing a Headline that Doesn’t Suck (Tips, Tactics & Tools Included)

Connect Google Search Console to Yoast SEO and fix crawl errors • Yoast

In our plugin, you can connect Google Search Console to Yoast SEO. This verifies your website for your Google Search Console account and allows you to view your crawl errors. Especially when you have a large site, the number of crawl errors might scare you. In this post, I’ll explain a bit more about crawl errors and show you how to fix them, using Yoast SEO Premium.

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What are crawl errors?

Google uses so-called Googlebots to crawl and index your page. Crawling, in layman’s language, is the process of Googlebot going over your pages, one link at a time. When crawling, its goal is to get to every important page on your site by following links on pages, in sitemaps, etc. Indexing, on the other hand, is what Googlebot does to take in all the content on your pages, to include it in its search result pages.

There are two types of crawl errors:

  • Site errors that affect your entire site. Think along the lines of connectivity issues with your web server, and problems fetching your robots.txt file.
  • URL errors that affect a specific page on your website. Googlebot tried to crawl the URL but did not succeed somehow. It was able to resolve your DNS, connect to your server, fetch/read your robots.txt file, and then request the URL. But after that, something went wrong.

Viewing crawl errors in Yoast SEO

In our Yoast SEO plugin (free and paid), you can view the crawl errors that Google came across on your website. All you have to do is connect Google Search Console to Yoast SEO. In our plugin, we guide you through that process. Let me explain the steps here as well.

Connect Google Search Console to Yoast SEO

To connect Google Search Console to the Yoast SEO plugin, all you have to do is navigate to this page in WordPress: SEO › Search Console.
Connect Google Search Console to Yoast SEO

The next step is to connect them. In our plugin, just click the ‘Get Google Authorization Code’ button:Search Console - Yoast SEO

It’ll take you to Google Search Console. There, you’ll be asked to confirm that you want to connect Google Search Console to Yoast SEO and let our plugin view and manage the data for your sites. Click ‘allow’:Search Console - Yoast SEO

Lastly, you’ll get a key to include in our plugin:GSC copy paste code

Now simply copy-paste that code and insert it into the box in our plugin, hit ‘Authenticate.’
Google Search Console pick profile

Choose the profile you’d like to connect and save it. Done! Now, you can continue in the first tab of that same section in our plugin (Desktop). Be sure to check the other tabs as well to find specific crawl errors.Yoast SEO crawl errors

Here, you will find the information we collected from your Google Search Console. In this table, you see the URL that gave an error, the date Google crawled it last, the date when Google detected the error first and the response code Google sent. In the screenshot, all response codes are 404 Not Found.

So, if you connect Google Search Console to Yoast SEO, you will have a great overview of how many crawl errors Google finds on your website. Now, you can go and create redirects for these 404s, or simply change them to 410s if that page is of absolutely no use to you anymore. More on status codes in this article. When you have ‘fixed’ the error, hover over the URL in Yoast SEO and click ‘mark as fixed’.

Is there an easy way to create that redirect?

Yes! There is an easier way to complete this process, and it is called Yoast SEO Premium. Besides a lot of extras that plugin has to offer, it allows you to immediately create your redirect in our plugin:create redirect in Yoast SEO Premium

Simply click ‘Create redirect,’ and, unlike in our free plugin (which will prompt that it’s only featured in our premium plugin), you’ll get this screen:
redirect and fix crawl errors in Yoast SEO

Our plugin will give you the option to create a redirect, or add another status code (301, 302, 307, 410, 451 are all possible). In case of a 301 redirect, like in the example, simply insert the URL you’d like that ‘old’ URL to redirect to. If you want to tell Google Search Console about this fix, simply leave the check ‘Mark as fixed’ as is and hit ‘Create Redirect.’ It’s as simple as that. In tomorrow’s article, we’ll shine a light on the redirects manager.

Now go and connect Google Search Console to Yoast SEO!

I hope this sheds some light on why you want to connect Google Search Console to Yoast SEO. You’ll be able to monitor crawl errors in our free plugin, and for a few bucks a year, our premium plugin will even help you fix them!

If you by any chance have already used this feature in our premium plugin, I’d love for you to share your thoughts and experiences in the comments!

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Best 25 SEO-Friendly Themes for Your Business

Ask Yoast: changing URL structure and rankings • Yoast

If you started your website as a newbie to all things internet, chances are that your site’s URLs aren’t pretty. Perhaps the URLs contain the post-ID, or the date when it was first published. URLs like that don’t say much about the content of a page and look cluttered. If you want to change your URL structure for this reason, or whatever other reason, it could affect your rankings. In this Ask Yoast, I discuss to what extent changing your URL structure will have an impact on your rankings, and if it’s still worth the effort.

Chris asked us a question on this subject:

We are changing our URL structure to make it look cleaner (by leaving out numbers etc.). When we launch our new site, will this new URL structure negatively affect our existing Google rankings?

Watch the video or read the transcript further down the page for my answer!

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mXPf0nfkQFI?feature=oembed&enablejsapi=1&origin=https://coastal media brand.com/wp&modestbranding=1&hd=1&rel=0&&w=600&h=338]

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The impact of changing your URL structure on rankings

Well, if you launch a new site and you have new URLs, you’ll need to redirect all the old URLs to the new URLs and it’ll take some time for Google to pick up that those URLs have changed. If you’re staying on the same domain name, your traffic will probably stay the same, but you will need to redirect all those URLs and it might take some time.

You might lose some traffic for a while, up to even six months and then after that everything should be fine. It’s probably worth it if your URLs look really bad though, so it’s a trade-off but I’d probably still go for it. Good luck!

Ask Yoast

In the series Ask Yoast we answer SEO questions from our readers. Have an SEO-related question? Let us help you out! Send an email to ask@coastal media brand.com.
(note: please check our blog and knowledge base first, the answer to your question may already be out there! For urgent questions, for example about our plugin not working properly, we’d like to refer you to our support page.)

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Top 20 Financial WordPress Themes For Corporate Websites

Top 20 Financial WordPress Themes For Corporate Websites

There are a number of businesses and services belonging to the financial sector. These include startups, small firms, private financial advisors, investment firms, etc. Launching any business or financial website becomes much simpler and easier with the help of the ready-made WordPress themes. As a rule, these are loaded with all functionality, elements, and tools that you will need when working on the effective online presentation of your site.

Why Is WordPress the Best Choice for Business Sites

The today’s web offers you a wide variety of CMS and online platforms that you can use as the foundation of your web resource. WordPress is undoubtedly the most popular CMS that includes everything needed to launch a feature-rich business project of yours. Indeed, more than 30% of the websites accessible to the public access are built on the basis of WordPress. The community expands with a number of the creative designers and developers launching ready-made themes and extensions that allow you to save tons of time, money, and efforts on the launch of online resources of any level of difficulty. Consequently, the number of WordPress themes continues to grow, with the choice of financial WordPress templates getting more diverse.

How to Select the Best Financial WordPress Theme?

The best finance WordPress themes should be designed in the clean and clear manner, making the visitors feel the ease of coming across the desired pieces of data as they scan through the web page. More than that, such designs need to be loaded with the sections and functionality for revealing contacts, team members, pricing details, services, testimonials, portfolio, and other content. This bunch of features will provide the web users with the quick ways to access the essential content from the financial website.

It goes without saying that the perfect WordPress theme for business and financial purposes should be running on the responsive frameworks. Building a website on the basis of the mobile-first design will be much more effective in the competitive today’s world. Additional skins, pages, layouts, and UI elements will be the great benefits for the creation of the user-friendly web designs. All of these and a number of extra functionality are included in the 20 WordPress themes that we’ve handpicked for this showcase.

Wapuula – Multipurpose Corporate WordPress Theme

Wapuula is a clean and professionally crafted WordPress theme suited to be used for a number of business purposes. This is the mobile-first design, which will look stunning on the displays of smartphones and tablets. The template is integrated with the Visual Composer. It allows even the non-techies to manage the layout structure without touching a line of code. Moreover, the theme includes a number of the pre-designed pages and layouts that are ready to go live straight out-of-the-box.

Wapuula - Multipurpose Corporate WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Monstroid2 – Multipurpose WordPress Theme

Monstroid2 is a multipurpose WordPress template. It features a growing collection of child themes suited to be used for a number of topics. The template runs on Cherry Framework 5, which makes it impressively quick and easy to personalize its pages. In addition, the download package contains both free and premium-quality extensions. They allow you to save extra cash on the pro functionality for your site.

Monstroid2 - Multipurpose WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Corporate’s Inc WordPress Theme

The template is built in the clean and minimalist style. It is intended to bring a professional online presentation to the variety of corporate projects. Personalizing the theme’s layout is quick and intuitive owing to the integrated Power drag-and-drop page builder. A collection of the custom Cherry plugins is available for free access. WordPress Live Customizer is included to reveal the results of the theme modification in real-time.

Corporate's Inc WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Legacy – Estate and Mortgage WordPress Theme

Crafted with care, the theme is best suited to be used for building real estate websites. Featuring a collection of the pre-designed pages and layouts, the theme will make it really quick and effortless to launch your small to large-sized business projects to the web. There is no need to have any special coding skills owing to the Power drag-and-drop page builder that’s included in the theme. A handful of custom widgets and extensions are available for free access.

Legacy - Estate and Mortgage WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

FinExpert – Financial Advisory Company Responsive WordPress Theme

Pick this ready-made WordPress design to make a high-quality webpage for your corporate or private financial project. This particular website design myrtle beach is easy to install and maintain, so even a rookie will be able to establish an exceptional internet blog or Internet site in minutes. Make every client feel the delight of surfing your site using this theme. The theme is powered by Cherry Framework 5. Thanks to the integrated Cherry Projects plugin, you will be able to showcase the portfolio of the latest projects in the usable style.

FinExpert - Financial Advisory Company Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Emmet WordPress Theme

Emmet WordPress theme is licensed under GPL, which allows you to modify the source code the way you wish, as well as install the template on the unlimited number of web resources. The clean and clear design will be the perfect fit for a number of business and financial web projects. All sections of the theme’s design are fully editable. The availability of the visual page composer makes it really quickly and intuitively to bring the desired changes to the theme’s layout.

Emmet WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Advisto – Financial Advisor Consultancy WordPress Theme

Advisto is the professionally designed financial advisor WordPress template, which comes loaded with a number of content modules and custom widgets. This impressive WordPress website template has been made to meet the requirements of a number of business projects. Website content will be very easy to read thanks to lots of negative space and clear design. Thanks to responsive design, your site will look great on both high-resolution and small monitors.

Financial Advisor WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Bitunit – Bitcoin Cryptocurrency WordPress Theme

If you are searching for an effective ready-made website layout that would grant your online resource a pro visual appeal, then you should consider this WordPress template. Moreover, Bitunit has been exclusively created for consulting, business, and services websites. It is convenient to set up and manage, so even a simple user will be able to establish an exceptional internet blog or website in minutes. In addition, a client-oriented customer assistance team is accessible 24/7 free of charge.

Bitcoin WordPress Template

Details | Demo

SortProfit – Business & Finance WordPress Theme

SortProfit WordPress template is integrated with the advanced Elementor drag-and-drop page builder. Powered by Cherry Framework 5, the theme is loaded with a number of the custom Cherry plugins.They allow you to enhance the pages of your website with the premium functionality. Moreover, the template includes everything that you will need to install on your business site like the appointments manager, projects showcase, team members list, built-in blog, and much more.

Business & Finance WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Loan Dolphins – Loan Company One Page WordPress Theme

Should you want to build a professionally looking website, this responsive loan company WordPress website design myrtle beach will let you complete this job in no time. This theme was developed to help you set up an information-rich web resource. It should be a place, where people can consider your business ideas and objectives, look through your projects, read what others think about the services you deliver, post their personal reviews, and share your news on social networks.

Bank WP Theme

Details | Demo

Profit Consulting – Financial Advisor WordPress Theme

This financial advisor WordPress web theme also has a set of powerful tools that provide a smooth navigation and user-friendly interface. Built with neat and clean code, Profit Consulting is most effective for financial sites, but it can also be adjusted for almost any other site. The great outcomes are achievable due to this theme’s SEO-friendliness, useful functionality, and simple yet catchy design. Furthermore, your web project visitors can effortlessly browse it on different mobile devices thanks to fully responsive nature of the design.

Profit Consulting - Financial Advisor WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Dollarex – Investment Company & Finance WordPress Theme

Dollarex is a responsive WordPress template that is best suited to be used as the foundation of investment and financial web resources. Integrated with the Power page builder, it doesn’t require you to have any special coding skills in order to modify the structure of the layout. Even more, it presents a number of blog layouts and post formats, and as a result can be used as the groundwork for a niche blog. The content blocks help make the overall design intuitive.

Investment Company WP Theme

Details | Demo

Tradex – Forex Trading WordPress Theme

Tradex WordPress web theme is loaded with a number of custom features which allow webmasters to modify the theme fast and easy. This is a modern product for any bank, finance, and business-related webpage. In addition, no matter what gadget is chosen to navigate the webpage, its interface will display perfectly thanks to the theme’s responsive nature. Its color scheme matches today’s tendencies in a web design, which enables your site look cutting-edge and elegant. Moreover, most of the modifications can be implemented as a result of admin panel with theme options. Every element of this minimalist and simple design is used to increase credibility and ensure confidence in your venture.

Tradex - Forex Trading WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Bankorama – Bank WordPress Theme

Bankorama WordPress theme for banks and other financial institutions can be modified code-free. Moreover, it includes Elementor drag-and-drop page builder. It allows even non-techies to bring the desired look and feel to the theme’s design without expert help. The theme is integrated with JetElements plugin. When used together with Elementor page builder, the latter allows you to bring the desired pieces of content to the pages of your websites effortlessly.

Bank WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Take & Spend – Loans and Mortgages Business WordPress Theme

Take & Spendis a WordPress theme meant for mortgage businesses. This WordPress web design flaunts a modern-day style and design for business and financial web pages. For instance, to win the clients’ sympathy, companies must make an impression on users with an excellent online platform that could be made up of this theme. Owing to the template’s responsive and cross-browser compatible design, your online project will run well on any handheld device and in any present-day web browser. Clean, valid code and well-done guidelines will aid you in modifying this churches WordPress theme the way you want.

Loans and Mortgages WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Creatica – Multipurpose WordPress Theme

Creatica is a fully responsive WordPress template integrated with the intuitive Visual Composer. It lets even the non-techies to take the full control over the look and feel of the design of their sites. More than that, the theme contains the most advanced Kaswara Addons, 100+ elements, and 550+ options.  They will bring a trendy and modern style to your site. The advanced Revolution Slider is included in the theme for free.

Creatica - Multipurpose WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Ascendio – Corporate & Business WordPress Theme

Ascendio is a mobile-friendly WordPress theme best suited to be used for corporate web projects. Furthermore, the drag-and-drop builder and a number of the custom plugins are pre-loaded in the theme’s download package. In addition to several pre-designed homepages and compatibility with Ecwid plugin, the theme can boost your business capabilities manifolds. Moreover, we added a great number of header and footer variations. They are intended to help you bring the desired organization to the website pages.

Businessman WP Template

Details | Demo

ProCount – Accountant & Financial Business WordPress Theme

This accounting WordPress template allows to make a powerful introduction to your business online. Furthermore, it will motivate visitors to look into more of your content. The 100% responsive page layout enables all the elements of design size up or down to quite a lot of monitor sizes. Importantly, you can alter your style and design without difficulty. This particular theme is very easy to setup and maintain. As a result, even a rookie will be able to construct an outstanding internet blog or site in no time.

Accounting WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Walton – Business Consulting WordPress Theme

Walton is a responsive business WordPress web template with a sophisticated layout and pretty multipurpose design. Furthermore, this clean fully responsive theme was properly made for presenting finance and consulting projects online. This design delivers an aesthetically eye-catching presentation of your website, communicates a feeling of confidence and reliability. Even more, to generate mobile traffic to your website, this responsive theme has been optimized for all the handheld gadgets.

Walton - Business Consulting WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Paletta – Corporate & Business WordPress Theme

You are in search of a stunning theme that would grant your site an expert look? Then you should think about this corporate business WordPress template. Customers will appreciate smooth browsing around the site as a result of its intuitive site navigation and content-wise layout. To put it shortly, every element of this design is making sense. Therefore, your site visitors will easily realize how to obtain what they require. Built with a lot of ready-made page themes, social network sites icons, the theme is equipped to go without any configuration or modification.

Business Firm WP Theme

Details | Demo

These are 20 of the most popular financial WordPress themes that are in the greatest demand in the TemplateMonster digital marketplace. Featuring fully editable designs, all of them are well-documented and supplied with the free 24/7 support from the qualified technical support team. More than that, all of the templates are intended to be tweaked by the users of all skill levels easily owing to the intuitive drag-and-drop page builders. Furthermore, the themes are suited to be applied to the websites representing everything. It includes plenty of businesses starting from startups and ending with the large corporate projects. The advanced collections of the customization options are included to save your site and effort on bringing the desired look and feel to the ready-made design. Look through the live demos in order to enjoy the professionally crafted responsive business designs on your own.

Top 20 Financial WordPress Themes For Corporate Websites

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10 Best Free WordPress Themes on TemplateMonster's MarketPla...

10 Best Free WordPress Themes on TemplateMonster's MarketPla…

WordPress themes are in the great demand among the business owners planning to bring their projects to the web, ordinary users who want to let a wider audience learn about their skills and read their thoughts, as well as web design studios that need to bring a number of cool projects to the web as quickly and effectively as possible. There are loads of ready-made WordPress designs available on the web. Some of them are free, others are available for download at a fee. As you’ve already guessed, today we are going to pay more attention to WordPress business themes and the benefits that you can derive from using free designs.

Top Reasons to Choose Free WordPress Themes

Premium themes are considered to be helpful when you need to bring a small business project or a large corporate project online. Priced $45 or higher (on TemplateMonster) these are commonly enhanced with all pages, extensions, and theme customization options needed to launch a fully-fledged web store without the need to search for the third-party extensions somewhere else on the web.

However, theme providers have started to release free WordPress themes that do not leg behind the premium ready-made solutions. The functionality those store under the hood is pretty much similar to what paid templates include. For example, it’s become a common practice to release website templates integrated with visual page builders.

  • TemplateMonster releases WordPress themes integrated with the Power drag-and-drop page builder.
  • Their ready-made designs also include live customizers, which reveal the results of the layout customization in real-time, without making you click the “update” button every time you bring changes to the design.
  • Additional layouts are also provided to make the web resources more informative, as well as bring them to the web in the shortest period of time.
  • Bootstrap-based layouts are provided to make the web resources mobile-friendly.
  • Endless customization options are also included in the admin panels.
  • All free WordPress themes released by TemplateMonster run on Cherry Framework. The latest version includes a number of the smart Cherry plugins, which are included to streamline the process of the design personalization.
  • Cross-browser compatibility and optimization for the search engines are set as default features.

Join TemplateMonster Marketplace!

It’s a well-known fact that TemplateMonster offers a huge collection of premium templates for any possible niche. After being 15 years in the web-design industry, we’ve decided that the time for some global changes had come. From now on all talented web-designers all over the world who have a fancy for developing websites are welcome to become a vendor at TemplateMonster’s Marketplace. Amateur-designers can show their talent and, in addition to this, earn their first thousands of dollars for their work. Professional designers can become even more recognizable and earn a great amount of money that they’ve never dreamed of.
If you are looking for a place where it’s easy and profitable to sell your digital products and earn up to 70% commission from each sale, don’t miss this chance and join our digital marketplace here and now!

Every template (even if it’s free) is unique. So, it’s always better to take a look at its technical details and live demo before you decide if it meets your requirements or not.

Monstroid 2 Lite Admirable Free WordPress Theme

Monstroid 2 Lite - free WordPress theme WordPress Theme

Monstroid 2 Lite is a remarkable theme made for various niches. It has an elegant typography that comes with an exciting design and a wide variety of helpful options. Each of these elements will give you the opportunity to get control over your future website and derive benefit from it. In other words, you have the freedom to make something special from a theme. In order to help you make the most of your online-project, this theme is equipped with a marvelous set of widgets. Moreover, it doesn’t matter if you are a novice who has never worked with coding. Give a try to Monstroid 2 Lite and we promise you that you won’t be disappointed with your choice!

Details | Demo

Kustrix Lite Exquisite Free WordPress Theme

Kustrix Lite - Free WordPress Theme

Kustrix Lite is a minimalistic and elegant theme that will suit to everyone who has fancy for fashion and beauty. What will you get together with a sophisticated and trendy design? A package with a multiplicity of amazing promotional tools and helpful features that will bring your website to the next level. When you are out of ideas, such an option can help you to look at the project with new eyes. Kustrix Lite has a fully-responsive layout that runs without mistakes across a wide variety of gadgets. It means that users won’t face rambling images or texts if they use their mobile phones to visit the website. What is more, the template has a two-column content positioning, so people can easily get access to different navigation elements. Come into vogue together with this stylish theme!

Details | Demo

Melissa Crafty Free WordPress Theme

Photo Studio WP Theme

Melissa is a nifty and amiable theme created for those who cannot imagine themselves without a camera in their hands. This template provides you with a chance to bring your talent to light. It has a creative and powerful gallery that will help you to present your photos spiffed up. Furthermore, a full-width slider will definitely impress every person who will take a glance at your portfolio. If you want to find even more clients and convince them of a trustworthy reputation of your business, you can use Cherry Testimonials and Cherry Team. Finally, you get a WordPress Live Customizer that allows you to edit the template to your own liking. At the same time a great number of pre-made pages simplifies the general process of personalization. Capture not only moments but everyone’s attention with this magnificent template!

Details | Demo

Mia Ittalloni Well-Favoured Free WordPress Theme

European Restaurant Free WP Theme

Mia Italloni is a savory and tasty-looking theme that will bedazzle everyone with its bright colors and delicious pictures. With the help of this template, you can present any possible food-related project on the Internet. One may be a fan of European cuisine who wants to share his or her cooking secrets online. One may be an owner of a cocktail bar or a theme cafe that needs some promotion. This theme will bring something special to the business in both cases. Its design looks homelike, so, without a doubt, people will desire to visit it over and over again.

In addition to this, Mia Italloni provides you with an effortless and intuitive process of customization. What is more, you get tons of additional features that will make your online-project better (for example, Google map and fonts, commenting system, background options and so on and so forth). Promote a love for cooking using this lovable theme!

Details | Demo

Catwalk Glamorous Free WordPress Theme

Model Agency WordPress Theme

Catwalk is a new-fashioned and dazzling theme made for a modeling website that will definitely stand out of the crowds of others. Beauty is something that needs a particular approach. This theme has everything to provide you with a special and gorgeous look of the website made for a model agency. Showcase the beauty of your models using a powerful website slider. Cherry Framework 5 gives a fantastic opportunity to tell your potential clients about provided services and put wise of the audience reviews. Furthermore, you can work with the design of pages without touching a single line of code with the help of a functional and intuitive WordPress Live Customizer. If people desire to receive information about the latest news and events, they can get all the updates on their emails thanks to Newsletter Subscription. Fashion constantly changes, but this theme won’t go out of style!

Details | Demo

Calio Ravishing Free WordPress Theme

Therapy & Counselling WordPress Theme

Calio is a fully-responsive theme that will create a worthwhile and adorable presentation of your therapy service online. Every element of this template is in tune with one another. A Power page builder gives a marvelous change to craft pages as your soul wants and shake the website up with various widgets and modules. You can easily spice up the design of your online-project using multiple header and footer options. It’s possible to give the full information about the team with the help of Cherry Services. This feature allows you to present a detailed biography of your professional staff. In general, Calio is an ultimate solution that will spread the word about your company on the web and fight off a competition. Bring harmony to people’s lives with the help of this snazzy theme!

Details | Demo

Jane Morris Amiable Free WordPress Theme

Jane Morris

Jane Morris is a fabulous theme made for those who want to create a grand photographer’s portfolio on the Internet. It features an incredibly enjoyable design that makes your photos make even better. The template is equipped with a wide variety of features that should be included in every worthwhile website of a professional photographer. If you are a master in taking pictures, but not templates personalization, there is no reason to be worried. All installation and setup instructions come along with the theme in a particular folder. In addition to this, you can ring the changes and stake on visualization with the help of such animation as parallax and lazy load effect. Let’s take the shutter right now!

Details | Demo

Petstore Loveable Free WooCommerce Theme

Pets Supplies WooCommerce Theme

Petstore is a stylish theme that has a pleasurable design made in vivid and eye-catching colors. You have a great opportunity to showcases all possible details about your pet shop online. Moreover, it can be done in a really impressive way with the help of TM WooCommerce Package Widgets. If you want to grab the attention of your customers, you can use such a tool as Banner Grid to present hot offers and discounts. What is more, if you take into the consideration such options as Products Badges and Product Carousel, your products can look even more ravishing and amazing. Finally, it’s possible to play with the design thanks to header and footer styles, multiple blog layouts and so on and so forth. Make people fall in love with your website at first sight using this admirable theme!

Details | Demo

Energico Eye-Popping Free WordPress Theme

Gardening WordPress Theme

Energico is a stunning theme made exactly for gardening websites. If you have a desire to be distinct in the website design and distinguish yourself from competitors, take a glance at this template here and now. Cherry Services is a set of spectacular tools that provide you with a professional presentation of your offers. Cherry Team is a one more helpful option that allows people to get familiar with your amazing team. In addition to this, you get a great number of pre-made pages that you can easily customize with the help of Power page builder. You save a lot of time thanks to a WordPress Live Customizer. It shows you all the applied changes immediately. Download this theme and be a step ahead in your business!

Details | Demo

Stone Amazing Free WordPress Theme

Free CherryFramework 4 WordPress Theme

Stone is a top-quality theme that comes with a gorgeous design and a big number of helpful functions. You can use it for creating a blog or portfolio that will catch everyone’s imagination. This theme has a fully-responsive design that won’t turn into a chaotic array of texts and images on the mobile device. Moreover, a wide variety of additional functions will enhance your website’s functionality. In addition, you will get the freedom to create something out-of-the-ordinary from this template. Lure the crowds of customers using this impressive template!

Details | Demo

Summing it up, we’d like to assume that launching a good-looking and functional online resource is possible even if you use a free WordPress theme as its basis. As you can see from the examples described above, freebies can also feature captivating layouts and include smart customization options. They are so much needed to make your web resource stand out from the competition. Make use of these free WordPress themes to launch your online projects with no additional investments. Save time and money for the effective promotion of your site on the web.

Free ebook


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Top Design to WordPress Services You Should Consider Using

Top Design to WordPress Services You Should Consider Using

Your design is signed off, and there’s just one step remaining. Afterward, you will be ready to introduce your website to the world.

You could finish the project yourself if you had the expertise to do so. Even if that was the case, it promises to be a tedious, drawn-out task you’d rather avoid.

It makes sense to hand your design over to a reliable design to WordPress service. Let the professionals do the work!

You still have to choose a service that will do your design justice. How to find a good one? Look for those, who provide the error-free, responsive, and SEO optimized HTML/CSS code. They should do so at a reasonable price and in a reasonable time frame.

These top design to WordPress services will work their magic to build a product you can take pride in:

Design to WordPress – PSDgator

Top Design to WordPress Services You Should Consider Using

The multi-talented PSDgator team does many things well, including taking your PSD, Sketch, and AI design files, and delivering fully-functional, easy to navigate WordPress themes. The green gator team even accepts PDF files, and should you present them with a file format that could best be described as somewhat obscure, they do their very best to unlock the code and proceed with development.

You can expect to receive semantic, hand-coded HTML/CSS that’s cross-browser compatible, responsive, and optimized for performance. You can also expect the work to be done quickly.

If you have an existing WordPress theme that could use an upgrade, they’ll do that as well, whether it involves some tweaking, or a complete re-slicing or redesign. PSDgator can also enhance WordPress plugins, or design new ones based on your specifications.

Whatever your needs, just send them your design files and specifications. They’ll look them over, get back to you if they have questions, comments, or suggestions, and give you a free quote.

PSD to Manythings

Top Design to WordPress Services You Should Consider Using

PSD to Manything’s team of talented and experienced professionals can provide the front-end solutions you’re looking for to meet your design to WordPress needs. They’ll collaborate with you to make sure they fully understand your requirements before proceeding, and they’ll get the job done at a reasonable price.

It’s always a good feeling to work with developers that are totally transparent about the way they go about their business, and PSD to Manythings is such a team. You’ll always be able to track your project’s status, ask questions, or make changes should the need arise.

Providing design to WordPress solutions are only a part of what this team can do. Whether you are a freelance designer, or you represent a design team or agency, feel free to consult with the PSD to Manythings team. They live up to their name.


Top Design to WordPress Services You Should Consider Using

Xfive first made a name for itself under the XHTMLized brand a little more than 10 years ago; switching to the present brand name relatively recently. Headquartered in Australia, with main offices in Europe and the USA, this development agency has established a reputation as a business that cares for its customers, and their projects.

Xfive will be only too happy to show you how they go about their business of converting your design files to error-free, responsive, and SEO-friendly HTML/CSS code. They’ll show you step-by-step, including insights into the coding standards they work, too.

Whether you have a single project or multiple projects, or whether you are an individual designer, a design team, or represent multiple teams, Xfive has the solutions you’re looking for. They can give you a fixed-price quote, a quote for hours required, or one for a term rental.


Top Design to WordPress Services You Should Consider Using

Goodie is not your typical development agency. Having your new website launched the Goodie way involves choosing the member of their development team you want to work with. They specialize in launching websites, including one-page websites, for small businesses. Since they’ve been at it for more than 10 years, you can rest assured your design to WordPress project will be in good hands.

The Advantages of Using Design to WordPress Services

  • Your new website will have a modern, distinctive look.

Professional development agencies, like those described here, prefer hand-coding to automated coding. Thus, you won’t have to accept look-alike websites that machine-coding tends to produce. Your new website’s layouts will definitely have a one-of-a-kind look to them.

  • Your new website will have faster load time.

When professionals do their job, it results in a website that exhibits faster load times. The reason for this is that these developers do not insert unnecessary or redundant code.

  • You can expect superior workmanship

Professional developers take pride in pleasing their clients by doing things right.

  • The code you receive will be easy to read and maintain.

Hand-coding, using semantic HTML code, is easy to read. Consequently, errors are easier to detect and resolve, as they tend to stand out. When you have a need to make changes to your website, it will be easier, and less expensive, to do them.

  • You’ll be pleased with the UX your new website offers.

There is one key reason to choose a professional Design to WordPress developer. They take pride in creating websites that provide visitors with a pleasurable experience.

A website that provides an impressive UX is a website that will experience more traffic. Consequently, conversion rates will rise.


Investing in a tool that will perform development tasks for you may seem to be a less expensive approach. However, the results you get cannot be compared to what a professional developer can deliver.

Is your goal to launch a website that stands out among the rest? If the answer is yes, then allowing a design to WordPress development service to do it for you is by far the best option.

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Be Theme: How Productive Procrastination Can Boost Your Efficienc...

Be Theme: How Productive Procrastination Can Boost Your Efficienc…

Just like other freelancers, you probably put things off from time to time. Sometimes, these things are the ones that you really should get done if you want to stay out of trouble.

Once you find yourself scrambling to meet a deadline, the quality of your work is likely to take a hit. The result? An unhappy client, and a stain on your reputation as a reliable designer/developer.

Procrastinating often leads to an unsatisfactory outcome, but there is a silver lining. It’s called Productive Procrastination, and it can help you improve your work.

How Be Theme’s Productive Procrastination Approach Boosts Productivity

If you’re determined to let things slide, you might as well find something to do that’s fun. That’s not all – it also can be productivity enhancing and potentially profitable.

We agree, that mix doesn’t seem to fit in with our usual concept of procrastination. Especially, the “productivity enhancing” part.

However, there’s an outfit that shows you how to procrastinate for fun and profit (sounds like the title for a book). It’s Be Theme, a Themeforest top 5 best sellers, and the biggest of all WordPress themes.

Instead of looking at the old pictures, try browsing through Be Theme’s 270+ pre-built websites. These are complete with its one-click installer. It is a great way to turn “wasted” time into productive time.

  1. Scroll through Be Theme’s 270+ Pre-built Websites

Be Theme: How Productive Procrastination Can Boost Your Efficienc...

How does Be Theme’s productive procrastination idea work? It’s almost ridiculously simple. The 270+ pre-built websites, the largest selection on the market, cover more than 30 common and not so common business, creative, and personal niches. The fun part is browsing through the entire selection. The productivity part is the time saved, and the ease in which you can drill down to the perfect website theme for a given client.

Here’s a heads up on what you can expect:

More than 60 Pre-built Websites for Creative Industries

Whether you have a self-employed creative client, a client representing a creative agency, or you simply want to showcase and promote your own work, there are over 60 pre-built websites to choose from. No two are alike, but they share several important characteristics:

  • Interactive galleries for portfolios and/or showcasing individual products
  • Large, high-quality images designed to grab attention
  • Easy navigation, regardless of the website’s size and complexity
  • Structured to place your client’s brand front and center.

For example:


Be Theme: How Productive Procrastination Can Boost Your Efficienc...

Ad Agency

Be Theme: How Productive Procrastination Can Boost Your Efficienc...


Be Theme: How Productive Procrastination Can Boost Your Efficienc...


Be Theme: How Productive Procrastination Can Boost Your Efficienc...


Be Theme: How Productive Procrastination Can Boost Your Efficienc...


Be Theme: How Productive Procrastination Can Boost Your Efficienc...

Given these examples, it’s easy to see that with 60+ to select from, you’ll have little trouble finding the right one for any of these categories:

  • Bloggers
  • Photographers, Visual Artists, or Video Makers
  • Ad and Marketing Agencies
  • Designers (Web, Fashion, Interior, etc.)
  • Architects
  • and, Beauty Salons

30+ One-Page Pre-Built Websites

Finding a one-page theme for a client looking for something unique can be difficult. That’s not the case if you have these, and more than 30 other different templates to choose from:

Landing Page

Be Theme: How Productive Procrastination Can Boost Your Efficienc...


Be Theme: How Productive Procrastination Can Boost Your Efficienc...


Be Theme: How Productive Procrastination Can Boost Your Efficienc...


Be Theme: How Productive Procrastination Can Boost Your Efficienc...

Since each is completely customizable, you’ll have no trouble satisfying a unique set of requirements, plus you’ll get:

  • Responsive websites for the mobile crowd
  • Attractive designs and design concept to work with
  • Examples of clever and effective use of whitespace
  • The capability to structure your content however you want
  • The ability to build a website and have it up and running in less than 4 hours

9+ Pre-built Websites for Online Shops

Great design concepts for eCommerce websites.


Be Theme: How Productive Procrastination Can Boost Your Efficienc...


Be Theme: How Productive Procrastination Can Boost Your Efficienc...


Be Theme: How Productive Procrastination Can Boost Your Efficienc...


Be Theme: How Productive Procrastination Can Boost Your Efficienc...

What do these 9+ pre-built websites offer?

  • Product galleries
  • Easy-to-use order forms
  • A design approach that places a spotlight on the products
  • Top-quality images
  • Intuitive menus
  • Shopify integration

What about those special niches that can sometimes be difficult to fit?

20+ Pre-Built Websites for Health and Wellness


Be Theme: How Productive Procrastination Can Boost Your Efficienc...

More than 12 for Fitness and Nutrition

Sports Club

Be Theme: How Productive Procrastination Can Boost Your Efficienc...

Over 16 for Events and Nightlife


Be Theme: How Productive Procrastination Can Boost Your Efficienc...

9+Great Ideas for Restaurants, Bars, and Cafes


Be Theme: How Productive Procrastination Can Boost Your Efficienc...

10+ for IT Services and Products


Be Theme: How Productive Procrastination Can Boost Your Efficienc...

and, 7+ for Financing and Bookkeeping; not the easiest niches to find themes for.


Be Theme: How Productive Procrastination Can Boost Your Efficienc...

You can experience what Productive Procrastination is all about right now. Just scroll through Be Theme’s 270+ pre-built websites.

  1. Watch Fun Video Tutorials on YouTube

Do you feel the urge to procrastinate coming on? A great way to do it productively is to watch interesting and informative videos.

You’ll find this selection of video tutorials creative and fun to watch. At the same time, it will be helpful in learning productivity tips, new software, and new skills.

Be Theme has an impressive library of video tutorials, including guided tours,

a mini-tutorial on using their 1-click installer,

… and several in-depth, 50-minute tutorials that show you how to apply entire Theme.

  1. Read Creative and Useful Infographics

We know another way to spend your time in a fun and productive way! Enjoy your useful procrastination by scrolling through a collection of infographics.

You can learn a great deal! Certainly, more than you’ll learn from being subjected to a friend’s party photos.

Infographics that are relevant to an area you are familiar with, can be a joy to look at,

Like the following:

Be Theme: How Productive Procrastination Can Boost Your Efficienc...

Wrapping It Up

Procrastinating is generally looked upon as not being a good thing. Moreover, attempting to get out of the habit of doing so can be a chore. However, there is a silver lining.

Productive Procrastinating can be a fun way to spend your time. If you go about it correctly, you can learn a great deal. You can learn how to improve your work, your performance, and your productivity.

  • One example is Be Theme’s selection of 270+ pre-built websites. While browsing through them, you’ll discover how easy it can be to find the perfect theme for a client.
  • Watching videos is a great way to expand your knowledge, learn new skills, and refine old ones.
  • The same is true with infographics.

You needn’t feel guilty of procrastinating; simply refer to it as “research time”.

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