Why Facebook Became the Most Popular Social Networking Site and Where It's Headed

Why Facebook Became the Most Popular Social Networking Site and Where It's Headed

Why Facebook Became the Most Popular Social Networking Site and Where It's Headed

In just nine years, Facebook has dominated the social media world and from the looks of it, is not going anywhere fast. Most commonly used as a personal outlet to connect to friends and collections, and as a free business advertising tool, Facebook has benefits and usability that other social channels do not. This is the reason as to why it is the most popular social networking channel to date.

Facebook allows people to connect with friends, collections and even strangers all over the globe. But not only that, it provides a way to share photos, have conversations with individual or groups of people, video chat with friends, create and promote events and stay on top of what is happening in the personal lives of friends. All in the blink of an eye.

With an up-to-the-second news feed of "friend" activity, it's hard to miss a beat in personal social circles. Not only that, but there are add-ons and games offered through the site where friends can compete against each other that has generated a great amount of social engagement.

From a business perspective, Facebook is commonly used as a free marketing and advertising tool. With the creation of company "pages," businesses can post pictures, promo events, conduct contests and promote sharing just like a personal page but under the business name with no cost to the administrator.

Businesses can connect with current customers and search for potential business. The public can connect with friends all over the globe in a matter of seconds as well as receive a discount through a company page all in the same place. It is a one stop shop for the most current activity in the social media world.

With the recent Instagram epidemic hitting social media, Facebook has shown that they are on top of things. Instagram is a photo sharing site owned by Facebook that connects friends with the sole purpose of sharing up-to-date information by way of photos linked to a personal profile. Recently, Facebook launched Instagram video, which allows 15 seconds of video to be recorded and shared on the site.

While it is impossible to predict the future of social media, and Facebook in particular, with the expansion in technology that parallels the development of social media, chances are the network will keep growing and changing in years to come. With such a strong user base, 1 billion monthly users world-wide and a $ 1 billion in revenue at the end of last year, it is essential for Facebook to stay on top of the latest trends in social media to hold the attention of its users . Facebook is constantly making changes to enhance the user experience and with its audience continuing to grow, currently, the changes are paying off.

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