Website Traffic Secrets – Building Long Term Traffic

Website Traffic Secrets – Building Long Term Traffic

All too often, when people are trying to figure out how to get visitors to their websites, they think only in the short term. Let's be honest for a moment, you want to know how you can get people to visit and make a purchase today and make some money, right?

While you can make money in the short term, this means you need to keep coming up with new ideas to keep the money flowing. The best money making tactic is to work from day one on your long term traffic building techniques. This allows you to get traffic flowing consistently into the future. In this article we will briefly highlight just a few techniques you can use to get started.

Article Marketing

Using articles to create your traffic flow is one of the best techniques around, but is often dismissed, especially by those new to internet marketing. The great thing about an article you write is that it can be picked up and used by web site owners all over the world who need content. This spreads the word about you and your site and builds traffic over the long term. Keep writing high quality articles, narrowly targeted to cover a single subject, and you will find them provide a great source of traffic.


Blogging continues to be a really good traffic source and is much easier to do than most people think. You need to narrowly target your blog to cover a defined niche and provide good information for your readers. The writing part often intimates many people but it should not. Just 10 minutes a day most days will help you generate tons of content. Once you get into the routine it should not take you more than 10 minutes to create each blog post. Just remember to refer your blog visitors to your main site!

Free Reports

Creating a free report is an often overlooked traffic technique. Using your expert knowledge of a niche, create a 10-15 page report covering come key aspects of your niche that people are interested in. Make the information useful and readers will want to know more. This is where you give them a link and tell them the benefits of a visit to your site. Now give the report away free and encourage anyone and everyone to also give it away, as long as your links are kept intact. Now you have a great traffic resource that will spread itself around the internet generating traffic.

In this article we have highlighted just three of the many different methods you can use to build a long term flow of traffic. Make the most of the these very simple and highly effective methods and you will see visitors for many years to come.

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