Web Site Optimization

Web Site Optimization

What is web site optimization and what does it mean to you and your business? Well, one way to answer the “what does it mean to you and your business?” question would be to terrify you by saying, “Everything!! It means EVERYTHING…go quickly optimize now!! Hurry, before it’s too late.”

However tempting the notion, the last thing I want to do is send you into an unnecessary panic. Simply put, web site optimization refers to how visible you web site is to search engine traffic online. This is a very important consideration. All “Hurry, optimize now…before it’s too late!!” aside, having a web site that no one every sees basically means you don’t have one at all.

To go into a bit more detail about the importance of being search engine friendly, it’s good to be ranked somewhere in the top 10 search results for any particular key word.


Well it’s no secret that search engines are the method of choice for finding just about any and everything there is to find online, however give some thought to how you’ve used search engines in the past. How often do you look into links on the second, third, or even the fourth page of the listed results?

If your answer was something along the lines of “hardly ever” or “they have more pages?” don’t feel bad. About 40% of web users don’t read beyond the first 10 search results. Less than 8% search beyond the first 30.

So, once again in terms of visibility, you’ll want to have your site listed in the top 10 search results for the best online exposure via search engine traffic.

Your best bet for web site optimization and achieving top search engine ranking is to make sure you provide good quality relevant information for your chosen key words. Besides keyword relevance, search engines also consider link popularity, quality of link relationships, as well as amount and duration of unique traffic.

If all this talk of quality content this and keyword relevance that has you a bit on edge about creating your own content, I assure you there’s no need to fret. One of the great benefits of creating content online is the relaxed and informal nature of the overall environment. If you can write an e-mail to a personal friend, then you can also create excellent content by web site optimization standards.

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