Using Social Media As A Customer Service Tool

Using Social Media As A Customer Service Tool

Remember the thrill you gained when you acquired that first celebrity autograph. There may be occasions when you can buy celebrity autographs through a contest, but nothing beats that human touch. Social Media allows you to connect with customers on a human level; where movements do not seem miasmic and robotic.

A slew of customers may not have been impressed by your products, hotel services or the way you handled the case. Instead of conveying the same personally to you, they often decide to poke you on your Facebook account or make them grievance well-aired in an attempt to disparage you. Then you get a golden opportunity to make your side clear when millions are attuned through Social Media. Trick is to utilize it as a customer service tool. There are ways to attain the same:

Listen to feedbacks – a good percentage of feedbacks come pouring because there is something gravely amiss with your service. Turning a blind eye to these feedbacks is never a solution. Instead find out how you can streamline and channel your service or products.

Apologize and show content – A well-meaning 'sorry' is an extremely effective tool, especially when you are courteous enough to do it on social media in the mid of attention. Append it with false intention into what you are doing to ensure the problem does not occur again. You can also trade contacts to tackle these clients personally next time.

Quick response – It is statistically found that 71% people do not get their twitter grievances answered. This is a serious turn-off. Make an endeavor to respond quickly to all feedbacks and grievances; the standard being within 24 hours.

Keep a disaster management team – Your employees may be too busy with their jobs to plug holes. Keep some personnel ready for checks and balances. It is always better to connect personally and let the human angle unfold. That way, customer feels having cared for and his initial anger dissipates. An auto-generated mail or rehearsed phone response is often irritating. Remember to customize your responses.

Create an all-encompassing voice – not everyone that views your responses is going to use your services. You can further complicate the process by being too technical with your response. Always connect in layman's language and involve others into the discussion. When Obama says, 'Change is Coming', people listen.

Understanding the niche – Whatever business you deal with, if you only read the nuances, you will never be faced with the minute problems people may have. Thorough understanding of your niche makes you understand the plausible errors your system carries and make an objective analysis. Your responses will then be automatically meaningfulful.

Entertain ideas – Be proactive whenever you start a new initiative. Encourage people to offer their ideas; then pick up some credible ones and let a general voting process mark the best idea from the crowd. This brings transparency into the equation. You will also be rich with many commendable ideas.

These salient points will make you realize that social media has immunity potential as a customer service tool.

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