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This issue we take a look at not just some incredible projects (from Adam to Altered Carbon) but also an in-depth look at some of the tools used to create some of the environments used in them. We explore invisible visual effects to uncover some of the astounding work carried out that isn't explosions, superheroes or aliens.

We bring you some of the best training, to help you build your skill set to include the creation of jointed models in Zbrush, animatable vehicles using iClone, as well as our regular Q and A section.

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Not only that but we cast our expert eye over the latest releases, to help you decide what's the best investment for your time and money. This month we take a good look at Substance and Zbrush 2018.

Tutorial: Create action figures

Create poseable action figures with this Zbrush training

In this tutorial Brodie Perkins shows you his process for creating poseable action figures, using Zbrush. A great way to breathe new life into an old scene file and a truly useful skill to learn.

Feature: Invisible effects

We explore some of the unsung heroes of the visual effects world

In this in-depth feature Ian Failes explores some of the shots you might not expect to be heavily effects laden. We are all used to seeing huge spaceships exploding, dinosaurs on the rampage or giant robots stampeding through cities but there is much more to vfx. This feature explores some of the unsung heroes of the visual effects world.

Feature: Altered Carbon

We investigate the creation of a future Earth

We investigate the creation of a future earth, for Netflix' Altered Carbon. We talk to VFX supervisor Everett Burrall, to get the low down on how the team put together this astounding vfx work.

Feature: The Beyond

Explore the sci-fi creation of a vfx artist turned director.

Visual effects artist turned director Hasraf Dulull chats to us about his sci-fi feature film; The Beyond.

Tutorial: iClone vehicles

Animate vehicles in iClone

Tutorial: Tiny Worlds

Learn to create macro cinematography

In this tutorial Greg Barta shows you his workflow, tips and tricks for creating macro cinematography, using the standard tools you use for your other 3D projects.

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