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SEO Cheat Sheet: Steal Your Competitor’s Rankings, Traffic, and Leads

seo cheat sheet

Search engine optimization isn’t an easy task.

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of ways to get more organic traffic and improve your SEO.

On top of that, SEO takes countless months of work, testing, and trial and error.

You have to go through the ups and downs of SEO to figure out what works and what doesn’t.

You need to learn what’s worth your time and which tasks will destroy your budget before you can see any real results.

It’s not for the faint of heart and it isn’t something you can do overnight.

But you also need that organic traffic to survive.

What if I told you there was a way to bypass the months of effort and work it takes to build better SEO?

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wWiSShEGyHA?feature=oembed&w=700&h=394]

What if I told you that you could skip the A/B testing and bypass the budget issues that come with it?

Thankfully, you can. How?

You need to take a deep look at the most important aspects of good SEO and analyze your competition.

If you can go in-depth with their content to see what works, you can copy their strategies and skip the grunt work.

Here’s an SEO cheat sheet with four ways to steal your competitor’s rankings, traffic, and leads.

1. Steal their backlinks

Backlinks are critical when it comes to stealing your competitor’s rankings, traffic, and leads.

Backlinks have the power to do a few major things:

  1. Increase your ranking potential
  2. Drive targeted, high-quality traffic to your site
  3. Increase brand awareness

Let’s break each one of these down before diving into the “how-to” portion.

For the first one, it’s true. The more backlinks you get, the better rankings you get:

pasted image 0 417

The highest-ranking posts on Google will always have the highest number of backlinks.

That’s true for now, at least.

Secondly, it gives you the chance to drive highly targeted traffic back to your site.

For instance, when a new post goes live on a different site than mine, or I get mentioned, it can drive huge groups of traffic with a single link:

pasted image 0 392

Lastly, it can help you build major brand awareness on new sites and potentially new markets.

Getting your brand in front of new audiences is the best way to build a following and grow your leads.

But doing that isn’t easy. You need to get mentioned and even put a face to the name.

For example, check out my author page on Entrepreneur:

pasted image 0 317

These backlinks help me build huge brand awareness and establish myself as a thought and topic leader in the industry.

It shows that I am a skilled professional and that my advice and brand are credible.

Now that you’ve got a grasp on the three major ways that backlinks can help you, you know how critical it is to acquire them in larger amounts than your competition.

To get started, you want to explore their backlink profile to see where and how they get these links.

Fire up Moz’s Open Site Explorer and enter their link into the URL bar:

pasted image 0 344

From here, hit “Search” and then navigate to the “Compare Link Metrics” section:

pasted image 0 413

This will help you analyze whether or not the site of your competitor is worthwhile when looking for links to steal.

Scroll down to the section with root domain metrics to see how many total links their entire site has:

pasted image 0 319

If they’ve got thousands of links, it’s definitely worthwhile.

If they don’t have many, you can probably skip them as they probably don’t have a dedicated link strategy to copy.

Next, head back to the inbound links section and select the following search filters:

pasted image 0 361

This will display all the links for the entire site as well as only external backlinks.

Lastly, click on the domain authority (DA) button to sort the list by top-ranking sites.

pasted image 0 398

With all that setup work, it’s finally time to dig into their links.

You now have a curated list of their top backlinks just waiting for you to steal.

The key here is to find sites that are excellent and to analyze how those links were acquired.

To do this, I’ll show you an example.

Here is one of the best links that Kissmetrics has right now:

pasted image 0 377

That’s a 100 domain authority link. It’s the best of the best. You want this type of link badly.

So, how did they get it?

First, read the title of the backlink source:

5 Simple Ways to Reduce Bounce Rate on Your Website

That’s interesting. So this article is about proven ways to reduce bounce rates. Now, take a look at the link anchor text:

pasted image 0 353

It says “ran a study.” This means that AddThis, the backlink provider to Kissmetrics, used a data point from Kissmetrics’s own study for reference in their article.

That data was what helped secure this link.

It wasn’t just any data from another source, either. It was a study done by KISSmetrics itself!

That’s a goldmine for a marketer.

That shows me that non-replicable data sets are huge sources of links.

If you can run a study or publish a case study and a proprietary data set, you have the chance to get tons of links.

How do you do this? Create a quick survey on Google Forms and blast it on your social media and email lists.

pasted image 0 349

Try to get some data that is interesting in your niche.

The goal here is to replicate all of the tactics that your competition used, giving you a great shot at getting the same (and more) links.

2. Hijack their keywords

Keyword research is one of my least favorite things to do for SEO.

It takes a long time to find long-tail keywords that are worth your time.

And most of them seem to be overly crowded by great sites, meaning it’s nearly impossible to rank high for them.

But when you find the right keywords, you can make a big difference on your site and get more traffic.

Luckily, there is a way to bypass the time spent doing keyword research while still reaping the rewards of the process!


You can spy on your competition. You can hijack their keywords and use them against them.

My favorite tool to do this with is Alexa.

pasted image 0 333

To get started, you can run a free report for your competitors without signing up for a trial just yet.

To do that, head to Alexa’s Site Info tool and plug in your competition:

pasted image 0 322

Hit “Find” and you can pull up some great data.

First, you can see how much of their traffic is from organic search:

pasted image 0 401

I like this feature because it’s a great indication of whether or not the competitor is putting a lot of effort into SEO.

If the number is higher, they are likely investing heavily in it.

Next, as a free bonus, Alexa gives you the top 5 keywords that a given site is ranking for:

pasted image 0 410

This is a good benchmark measure of what types of keywords your competition is using and which ones you should start to target.

For example, if they take up more search engine traffic percentages, they are higher in search volume.

If you want even more data, I suggest creating a free trial account:

pasted image 0 338

Once you’ve created a free account, navigate to the “Competitor Keyword Matrix:”

pasted image 0 327

Next, enter the sites that you want to spy on:

pasted image 0 325

If you have multiple competitors, simply keep adding them to the box to gather a comprehensive report on all of your competitors!

From this search, you should start to turn up tons of amazing keywords and data:

pasted image 0 369

You can see the popularity of the search, competition levels, and more.

Once you’ve created a list, you can download all of it into a spreadsheet by hitting the download button up in the top right corner.

The last step here is to decipher which keywords are going to be your best bet.

To do this, head to the “Keyword Difficulty Tool.” You can see your chances of personally ranking for the keyword based on your site strength:

pasted image 0 404

The combination of these tools will save you hours of work and research to find the right keywords.

Chances are, your competitors have found amazing keywords that are just waiting for you to steal.

Get more traffic in less time by piggybacking on their keywords.

3. Create better content than them by improving on their ideas

Better content is crucial when it comes to driving more traffic, leads, and better rankings.

But again, creating topics and writing posts takes time.

Thankfully, by conducting just a few minutes of spying, you can steal ideas and improve upon them to outrank your competition.

First, you need to know what type of content is best.

Currently, according to Orbit Media data, the typical marketer is writing blog posts that are just over 1,000 words in length:

pasted image 0 373

That’s great, but when you look at the disparity between top-ranking content and this data, you can see a huge untapped opportunity:

pasted image 0 395

The top 10 ranking content is at least 1,750 words.

If you want the number one spot, you have to write double the average word count.

Though this might sound daunting, it’s an opportunity.

Your competitors are probably writing 1,000-word posts. If you take their post and make it better, adding another 1,000 words, you can outrank them and steal their leads.

To get started, head to BuzzSumo and search for their top-performing content:

pasted image 0 381

Next, click on the first result that you see.

Open up the link, select all of the content on the page, and paste it into a new Google Doc to see the word count. Here’s what it looks like with one of my blog posts:

pasted image 0 365

Once you’ve noted the word count, set a target goal.

If the word count is 1,000 words, double it.

The goal here is to make your content a one-stop shop so that no user needs to navigate back to Google to click on the competition!

It’s a trick that has gotten me tons of traffic and leads, leaving my competition in the dust.

Next, you can copy their outline. To do this, simply run through the post and take notes and inspiration from their structure.

Figure out which topics they have covered and add those to your list.

Lastly, head to Google to put the icing on the cake. With this move, you can enter your keyword for the post and get more ideas to expand that blog post and get more traffic.

Scroll down to the bottom of the SERP and look for the related searches box:

pasted image 0 342

These are common searches related to your keyword. People who are interested in content marketing, in general, are also searching for examples, strategies, and how-to guides.

This is a resource that can tell you exactly what your article needs.

For example, adding a strategy guide, explaining the types of content marketing, and offering a lead-magnet PDF could be a game changer for your SEO.

You would virtually supply all of the things that users are looking for with a single post, making it much less likely that a user will click on a competitor.

Pull topics from here that you can use to expand your competitor’s post and steal their rankings, traffic, and leads.

4. Be faster than your competition

In 2017, Google released a huge report showcasing the importance of page speed when it comes to SEO.

The key factor they found was how it impacted CTR, bounce rates, and rankings.

One of the most important graphs was Google’s data on bounce rates:

pasted image 0 407

The longer it takes for your site to load, the higher the likelihood of someone bouncing.

Speed is critical when it comes to rankings. If waves of users are clicking on your content but bouncing due to load time, Google will easily pick up on that and move your site down in the rankings.

So, if you want to steal your competition’s leads and traffic, you need to be faster than them.

You need to give the user your content without hesitation.

To do this, you also need to know how fast your competitor’s website is.

Head to Google’s PageSpeed Insights Tool and run it on your competition:

pasted image 0 415

If you notice that their speed levels aren’t up to par on mobile or desktop, you have a window of opportunity to outrank them:

pasted image 0 422

For example, if they have poor mobile speed, they are making a mistake, like me.

Mobile traffic is currently more popular than desktop traffic.

pasted image 0 419

Optimizing your pages for speed could give you a big edge over your competition.

And the good news is, Google notes that most sites in every industry are too slow:

pasted image 0 357

A great way to quickly improve your speed is to start compressing images.

Compressing your images can save your page speed and it requires almost no work!

It’s a quick fix that can help you improve your speed and technical SEO.

One of my favorite plugins is WP Smush, which you can install for free. You can instantly start to smush the existing images on your site or do a bulk upload:

pasted image 0 384

Pro tip: when you install this plugin, navigate to the settings tab and make sure to enable smushing every time you upload a new photo to your site:

pasted image 0 388

Take advantage of the technical improvement in your SEO by adding an image compression tool to your site.

It can increase your speed and give you that edge to outrank and outperform your competition.


Search engine optimization is tough and time-consuming.

There are dozens of ways to make your SEO better and more effective, but knowing which ones will have a big impact isn’t easy.

On top of that, your competition is probably trying to do the same exact thing.

They may even already outrank you with better keywords, rankings, traffic, and leads.

That means that they are probably already ahead of the curve.

Thankfully, that presents a great opportunity for marketers looking to boost their SEO traffic.

It means that you can copy what they have already done, avoiding the potential downsides that come with overhauling an SEO strategy.

To get started, you need to steal their backlinks.

Backlinks are a huge factor when it comes to ranking high for organic searches, and you can easily do it on Moz.

Scout their best backlinks and try to replicate their strategy.

Next, hijack their keywords. See what keywords are driving tons of traffic and start to compete for them.

Be sure to create better content than they do by expounding on their posts and adding more valuable content.

Lastly, make sure you’re faster than your competition so that you get the majority of clicks and your traffic stays on your site.

Simply use a plugin like WP Smush, and you’ll be on your way to a faster site.

If you want better traffic and rankings, spy on your competition with these tips.

What are your favorite ways to spy on your competitors to get better SEO rankings?

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Dear Engineering Students, Here's How you Land Your Next Eng...

Dear Engineering Students, Here's How you Land Your Next Eng…

The Telecom Industry is a fast progressive field, where the Graduates, especially Engineers can work with fast-evolving technology. The Telecommunications Engineers are the experts, who actually are from Electrical and Electronics department and specialize in various technologies related to telecommunications.

With the Mobile technology progressing at unprecedented speed, the need of engineers for carrying out various jobs is also on the rise. Getting accustomed to the technology and the specialized in certain field areas like Networks and broadband is the need of today.It’s the high time when you must know how to find jobs in the telecom industry and how the latest technology is helping the job seekers in their search for jobs.

In this article, we will focus on how to land your next engineering job:


Getting an entry into the telecom industry

A few years back, there was a scenario, when getting into the telecom industry was a little complicated as compared today. Today, with the advent of new technologies and with the evolution of several platforms, offering the jobs, especially in the field of telecom, the hard task of getting entry has become easy.

Requirements variation

The entry requirement varies Pan India, depending upon the entry levels, positions & experience and the company you are applying in. You must remember that the work experience is useful, but also never an essential requirement.


Trends of telecom industry

The trend of the telecom industry is fast changing. As the technology is fast progressing, the big trend in the Information technology, which is the virtualization as highly seen in cloud computing is the face of change.

The engineers are getting hired in bulk numbers for the purpose. The hiring is now, being done either through recruitment drive, through job portals or direct application to the company.


Changing face of Telecom

The working in telecoms has also gained a new face in the past few years. The role, which was largely based as the field engineer, has turned more into office based. There are now even possibilities of traveling abroad and also you can work at home.

Now, the mobility is usually not a requirement. The focus of the telecom has changed since the installation of the towers to the teamwork, designing and developing new products, testing of those products and setting up infrastructure and supporting and satisfying customers. Also, we have seen that over the years, this sector has grown itself to the recession-proof.


Finding jobs in telecom sector

The hard task of finding jobs in the telecom sector is now an easy one. Now, with the availability of several job portals, recruitment drives, several social media platforms, online notifications of jobs have become the favor the country among the pass out engineers.

Lending jobs in the sector have become too easy, with several companies eager to provide the required training to the candidates seeking the telecom jobs. There is no dearth of the platform in the form of Linkedin, Field Engineer etc., which are paving the quick and easy way for the engineers to get a job in the Telecom sector.

Short term skill training in specific job roles is the way to meet the demand at any point in time. With the resources of the company gaining an expansion, they are not afraid to bridge the gap between the skills required by the company and already posed skills of the candidates.


Field Engineer – A trendsetter in Telecom sector

Dear Engineering Students, Here's How you Land Your Next Eng...

Field Engineer is an online resource for connecting field engineers and the businesses/companies, which hire them has unleashed a new era in the field of telecom. Providing a powerful platform for businesses and the job seekers, the company is involved in the process of interviewing, vetting, hiring and paying and thus offers a platform, indispensable to the field of the telecom industry.

Offering a revolutionary platform meant just for the telecom industry, Field Engineer has revolutionized the telecom world by providing the works to the work seekers for the telecom field engineers, who are constantly, looking to gain experience work wise and connect with the business all over the world.

With the focus of the company to connect the engineers and telecoms every day, it does not matter where you are in the world. You can be anywhere and still can remain connected. With Field Engineer, you can easily handle the remote jobs with much ease through the robust and easy to use platform

Field Engineer – A Platform for all

Dear Engineering Students, Here's How you Land Your Next Eng...

With the company focusing on the telecom engineers, the platform is great especially for Technicians, Network Engineers and Architects, Project Engineers, Security Engineers, Voice Engineers, Wireless Engineers, Data Center Engineers and VMware Engineers.

With the availability of the Field Engineer at apps, both at IOS and Android, the company offers a completely flexible approach towards the better connection of the field engineers and the companies involved in the business. Fairly straightforward platform and easy to use, along with the secure payment services, the employees, and employers, both are benefiting from such an initiative, one of a kind in the world.

The Field Engineer is focused on providing a well-built platform to the technical talents to go ahead in the future and have a direct access to the work. With the rising digital aspects, the company is focused on providing the best platform to tap into the best talents from all around the world and make this world, a really small place to work, where talents meet the destination, it should be.

As telecom veterans, the company is focused on harnessing the best talents and providing them a platform, where they can showcase the skills and talents & can earn a handsome salary for themselves and can connect with the companies of the world and thus can expand their wings.

Thus, providing the streamlined platform, the Field Engineer is, in fact, a revolutionary step in the telecom industry and can inspire towards a better future ahead in the telecommunications industry!

Read More at Dear Engineering Students, Here’s How you Land Your Next Engineering Job 

Awesome Website Templates "Game Of Thrones" Characters ...

Awesome Website Templates "Game Of Thrones" Characters …

The summer of 2017 was a thrilling period for all fans of the “Game of Thrones” series. The 7th season revealed the events that couldn’t be found in George Martin’s books, since the writer still hadn’t published the last two parts of his “Song of Ice and Fire.” And since there’s only one season left, fans can’t help but talk about the possible endings of the saga and the characters’ possible destinies. We have also tried to speculate for a while on the idea of which website templates “Game of Thrones” characters could use and what businesses they could run.

So, here are our ideas for websites that could have been a good fit for “Game of Thrones” characters had they lived in our world.

Tyrion Lannister – A Queen’s Hand: Barnaby – Consulting WordPress Theme

Tyrion Lannister

Tyrion Lannister is often considered to be the main character of the whole saga. Youngest son of one of the most influential Lords of the Seven Kingdoms, younger brother of Queen Cersei and her twin brother, Jaime, Tyrion caught the hearts of many women, despite his height. His wit and sharp tongue have led him into many problems, but have also made him the Right Hand Man of Daenerys the Stormborn.

He is a great counselor, which is why this consulting WordPress theme would make a perfect fit for his consulting business. The clean and honest design includes all the necessary features that will help him to establish good relations with multiple customers. A pack of Cherry plugins will come in handy to build amazing functionality and provide the users with the best experience.

Barnaby - Consulting WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Daenerys Targaryen – Mother of Dragons: Pet Care Web Template

daenerys targaryen

An orphaned child, who has grown into a wise and strong woman, Daenerys is one of the favorite characters of many GOT fans. A beautiful girl who isn’t afraid of taking on responsibilities and ruling thousands of people who call her “mother.” And not just people! She has three dragons (well, two at the end of Season seven) of whom she takes care like a mother. So, a pet care website is the theme of choice for her business.

This theme features a huge photo background to include the pictures of her pets, a hidden menu, to keep the attention of users focused on the main content. Thick orange frames are nice touches that accentuate the important info right from the start. A slider with testimonials will help Daenerys know what her “children” expect from her. And a stick-to-top menu will help users to browse the website quickly and effortlessly.

Pet Care Web Template

Details | Demo

Jon Snow – Watcher on the Walls: Watches Store Responsive Magento Theme

jon snow

As Ned Stark’s bastard in season one, Jon Snow unexpectedly turns out to be another lost child and a legal ancestor of the Targaryen family. Honest, loyal and righteous, he won the trust of his brothers in arms from the Night’s Watch and was elected (okay, okay, with a little help from a friend) as the Lord Commander and later, as the King in the North. Jon always stands by the Watcher’s vow, so… the Watches store theme is a perfect fit for him.

This theme is made in cool tones which creates a perfect harmony with the snowy landscapes of the North and Winterfell. Large photos will help to showcase the goods to their best advantage, keeping the overall design restrained and sophisticated. A collection of TM Modules, included with the theme, will help you to tweak the template with little effort. Parallax feature adds depth and movement.

Brand Watches Magento 2 Theme

Details | Demo

Jaime Lannister – White Knight: Collagon theme

jamie lannister

The first-born son of Lord Tywin, a twin brother of the queen Cersei (and her lover as well) and the elder brother of Tyrion, Jaime is not as ordinary a figure as he may seem. Named “Kingslayer” for murdering the “Mad” king Aerys (many will support me it was the right action to take), Jaime remains a Kings guard knight, sticking to his inner code of chivalry. He is a defender and a warrior. So this security service template would be the perfect fit for his potential business.

The security agency theme boasts a clean and concise design with a restrained layout. Responsive and cross-browser compatible, the template is filled with various features that allow the presentation of data on the page in the most handy and user-friendly manner. Equipped with a few forms, it helps users to get in touch with the owner quickly, so calling a knight for help will be a snap!

Collagon - Premium Moto CMS 3 Template

Details | Demo

Varys – The Spider: Financial Advisor Bootstrap Template


Skilled manipulator, quiet and secretive, Varys is another dark horse of the saga. A slave in the past, eunuch and actor, Varys has become a great player in the “Game of Thrones”. His deeds haven’t always been good, but he always aimed at reaching noble goals. He believes Daenerys would be the better Queen and her reign would be the best way to bring peace and prosperity to the Seven Kingdoms. A wise man would have been running a wise business, so our choice of a theme for Varys is the financial advisor template.

This template features a clean structure with cool green accents for a more vivid look. A collection of Google Fonts and cool Font Icons will help in adding zest to the website and making it unique. Numerous working forms, including Contact One and Newsletter subscription, will save the owner’s time if adding all such elements manually.

Financial Advisor Bootstrap Template

Details | Demo

Petyr Baelish – From Rags to Riches: Political Candidate WordPress Theme


Another manipulator and a cunning “Game of Thrones” player, Petyr Baelish aka Littlefinger appears to be the man behind the War of the Five Kings. He lies and betrays and manipulates like a puppet master. His brilliant skills in the “Game of Thrones” won him fame as one of the best politicians of the Seven Kingdoms. Thus, the choice of his website is quite obvious.

A political candidate template is decorated with a full-background image, minimalist layout and a powerful drag-and-drop builder inside. Over 25 modules, and a library of presets and a pack of Cherry plugins make this WordPress theme one of the most powerful – just like Lord Baelish. Multiple layout options make manipulations of the design easier.

Political Candidate WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Night King – Cold as Ice: Ice Vending Machines Web Template

niпре king

Not the nicest character within the series but you must admit – he’s got style. No one knows where he came from, but his intentions are clear from the beginning. Powerful and icy, he has recently acquired a dragon, so no one will stand in his way… no one, except Jon Snow.

An Ice vending machines theme is the kind of business that would fit the Ice King perfectly. It’s gleaming with all shades of snow, incorporating a powerful interface and a huge set of functionalities under the pure skin. A tiled product showcase function adds zest to the design and makes the process of choosing and purchasing much easier.

Ice Vending Machines Web Template

Details | Demo

Melisandre – Red Priestess: Fire Department Web Template


An absolute opposite to the Night King, a Red Priestess is all heat and energy! Her red gown resembles fire whenever she seeks for the answers to her questions and for help from her God. No wonder that she would probably feel the most comfortable within a fire department team.

This template for a fire department makes a good use of all the latest web design trends including background images, large fonts and parallax effect. Photo backgrounds will be a great place for sharing the team photos and services details. Valid code and advanced customization options help the management of the website with ease.

Fire Department Web Template

Details | Demo

Arya Stark – Faceless Girl: Tonotico Plastic Surgery Clinic Responsive WordPress Theme


Arya is the youngest daughter of Ned Stark and Jon Snow’s best friend and sister. Bold, passionate and driven, she passed through many trials and learned to stand up for herself and her family. Having been a trainee at the Faceless Men’s House, she learnt to change faces but she has also found her true self.

That’s why a plastic surgery clinic business would fit her best. This pure-white WordPress theme is made with the Power Drag-and-Drop Builder that allows the user to manage and customize each detail to its full extent with little effort. Cherry services plugin helps to show off the team members and display the number of services the clinic has to offer.

Tonotico - Plastic Surgery Clinic Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Bran Stark – Three-Eyed Raven: Hypnotherapy WordPress Theme


The younger brother of Arya Stark, a “broken boy”, who cannot walk, Bran is no ordinary kid. He is a Greenseer which means he can see the past and the future, in some way. Wise and strong, this child helps his relatives to solve many issues and find out truths that are hidden from them. So, hypnotherapy and psychology are his mission and potential business.

The hypnotherapy clinic theme for WordPress would be a good fit for Bran’s website, being wisely designed and powerfully equipped. Clean layout helps to draw attention to the main information, while multiple Layout Options and Content Modules help with the website management. A nice, but necessary addition, the Events Calendar, helps visitors to schedule their meetings.

Hypnotherapy WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Gendry – Rowing Down the River: Rafting & Kayaking WordPress Theme


Gendry is the bastard of Robert Baratheon and for now he’s the only one of Robert’s illegitimate children who escaped the Cersei’s wrath. Season 3 was the last time we saw Gendry in the series: to escape the death in fires of Melisandre he was “sailing west”, as Davos told him. In season 7 Gendry is brought back in the game by sir Davos who finds Gendry in King’s Landing doing his old job as a blacksmith. “I thought you might still rowing…”, Davos greets Gendry. We thought so too, Davos, we thought so too!

So, after mastering rowing during 3 whole seasons, Gendry should have definitely launched a rafting and kayaking business with the beautiful WordPress theme below! This multipurpose theme is a real power engine, supported with drag-and-drop builder, multiple layout options and cool Cherry plugins. Huge background images support the design and let display the advantages of the services right from the beginning.

Rafting and Paddling WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Hodor – Delivery Service: Premium Moto CMS 3 Template


Many hearts broke after discovering the sad story of Hodor (or Wylis, as he was called as a child)! Slouchy at first sight, this strong and kind person saved Bran and Myrra from wights, sacrificing his life while holding the cave door. That’s how his mind was damaged and how he got his nickname – Hodor. Through all series Hodor carries crippled Bran in some kind of a basket. That’s why a delivery service template should perfectly fit his potential business niche.

This template is equipped with multiple custom-made pages what eases the process of tweaking and management of a website. A collection of handy widgets adds more functionality to this well-built design. Personal blog and subscription form are perfect means of engagement here.

Delivesse - Delivery Services Premium Moto CMS 3 Template

Details | Demo

Samwell Tarly – Citadel Maester: Cleaning Company Joomla Template

sam tarly

This clumsy yet kind boy is a real reincarnation of another famous Sam – Tolkien’s Samwise Gamgee. Loyal and smart friend of Jon Snow, Sam was sent to Citadel to learn ancient wisdom and becoming a maester for the Night’s Watch. He cures sir Jorah Mormont of grey scale. And in reward, Archmaester Ebrose sends him to… copy old manuscripts and clean dirty pots.

Seems that Sam is pretty good in this activity, so cleaning service company is a great fit for him. No wonder that the template for his website features clean design with a lot of whitespace. It draws attention to the content and allows placing accents wisely. Mega-menu with stick-to-top functionality ensures that no customer will be lost during website browsing.

Cleaning Company Joomla template

Details | Demo

Walder Frey – Red Wedding Planner: Events company WordPress Theme

walder frey

Lord Walder Frey is a sly old dog who knows which way the wind blows and always makes profit for himself. He was married seven times and has many children. Lord Frey puts little faith in oaths he utters and thus, breaks them all easily. One of the biggest treasons was the Red Wedding where Robb Stark was slaughtered. Well, we must admit, Walder Frey is a great event manager.

So, a party planner template would fit Lord Frey perfectly and would make a profitable business for him. Made in bright colors, the theme features Hero background image to create a festive atmosphere. Drag-and -drop builder along with content Modules help managing the website with no efforts. Pretty handy for a ninety-year-old man.

Party Planner WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Bronn – Top Gun: Fired Up WooCommerce Theme


Bronn was an ordinary sellsword who came into the scene while championing for Tyrion in the trial by combat in Eyrie. Thanks to his wit and pragmatic nature, Bronn fast turned from mercenary to a knight, getting wealth and courtesy title for his services. Skilled with many types of weapon, Bronn saves Jaime Lannister’s life sending an arrow into one of Daenerys’s dragons.

Such a great shooter should have run a gun store website, we thought. So here it is: a weapon shop template with a set of cool Cherry plugins and WooCommerce functionality inside. White background focuses attention on the products for sale. Nice content modules and layout presets help organising products in a user-friendly manner.

Gun Store WooCommerce Theme

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Jojen Reed – Astrology Services: Geminiz Blog WordPress Theme



Jojen is a greenseer just like Bran. He came to Winterfell to save Bran and guide him to the Three-Eyed Raven as he believes Bran has the powers to help in winning the oncoming war against the White Walkers. Being so good at seeing the future, no wonder that Jojen would have made a fortune in our days provided he launched an astrological services business.

The astrology blog website for Jojen features a huge background image with mystic space photo. Sleek design has many options for tweaking including cool fonts, galleries, content modules etc. Live Customizer allows changing themes and customizing their elements in a blink of an eye. Based on Cherry Framework 5, the theme is responsive, flexible and SEO-friendly.

Astrology WordPress Theme

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Rickon Stark – Trueborn Runner: Moto CMS HTML Template


Rickon is the youngest wolfie of the Stark pack. His direwolf, Shaggydog, was his best friend during 6 seasons. Guess, we all hoped that this nice and innocent boy would be safe if only he had reached Jon before The Battle of Bastards… But Ramsay Bolton with his sick imagination though it would be funny to kill a running boy with arrows. Well, what can we say here? Run, Rickon, run!

Try to imagine Rickon running a running club website with this nice template! Pastel colors create a fresh and airy atmosphere – just a perfect fit for running website. 8 slider and gallery options help adding multiple photos from events. Over 20 widgets add a lot to website’s functionality.

Running Moto CMS HTML Template

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Cersei Lannister – Golden Queen: Loan Company One Page WordPress Theme


Queen with golden hair and heir to all the fortune of her father Tywin, Cersei is now one of the wealthiest women of Westeros. Why does she run business with men from the Iron Bank then? The Crown’s debt should be paid and not with her own money. This woman knows how to keep the family money safe.

The rich get richer, so Cersei would be a perfect Loan firm owner. This bank template with minimalist design would be a great fit for her business. Green accents across the layout hint to the color of money. Cherry plugins collection adds powers and versatility to the dashboard. Custom widgets, including calendar, post carousel and social media, let building strong online presence and engage many clients.

Loan Dolphins - Loan Company One Page WordPress Theme

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Euron Greyjoy – Great Voyager: Yachting & Voyage Charter WordPress Theme


Euron Greyjoy is one of the heirs to the throne of the Iron Islands. And seems he does not want to stop with this title. Now he aims at the Iron Throne, be it through marriage to Queen Cersei. And this determined SOB is pretty close to get what he wants.

Sea is the best place for all the Ironborn people. And Euron is not an exception. That’s why a Yachting company website is the best idea for this man. The theme features full-background images that draw all user’s eyes to beautiful photos of yachts. Blue and white colors create the atmosphere of freshness. Cherry Projects add to the website tons of tweaking functions, like layout variants and filter options.

Yachting & Voyage Charter WordPress Theme

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Tommen Baratheon – Next Time with Parachute: Extreme Sports & Skydiving Club Joomla Template



Tommen is a younger son of Cersei and her twin Brother, Jaime (guess everybody here know the true father of Cersei kids, right?). Married to Margaery Tyrell after the death of his elder brother, Tommen seems to be truly in love with his wife. That’s why he takes it personally when his mother murders Margaery in the Great Sept of Baelor and commits suicide jumping off the window. Silly boy, next time take the parachute, ok?

If Tommen hadn’t done this, he would have launched a very successful skydiving website. This clean theme features parallax for more vibrant look. Color switcher allows changing the color palette across the entire website with a few clicks. A number of additional pages help creating a fully-functional website pretty fast.

Skydiving Joomla Theme

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Tormund and Brienne – Dynamic Duo: Jen+Ben – One Page Wedding WordPress Theme


It’s time to reveal our expectations for the next GOT season. This dynamic duo makes us smile and wish they get together as soon as possible. Tormund and Brienne seem to be meant for each other, that’s why they should have got a wedding website ready for them.

This wedding website template is filled with eye-candy photos and user-friendly elements. Drag-and-drop builder stored inside makes customization a fun and pleasing process. Pretty counter under the Hero header allows staying aware of the time that is left to the Big Day.

Jen+Ben - One Page Wedding WordPress Theme

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Hot Pie – Hot Pies Backer: Bakery & Cakes Responsive Magento Theme

hot pie

Hot Pie is one of the minor characters of the Game of Thrones saga. But his cute face and baker skills attracted our attention. It’s obvious that Arya Stark was his sweetheart through all these seasons. And who knows, maybe she learnt baking pies with the Frey’s meat from him.

The baker theme is a great fit for a boy with such a nickname. Cool large imagery keeps all eyes on the website. Amazing collection of TM Modules included with the template makes it a real power engine. Responsive and SEO-friendly, the theme will perfectly perform in search. Mega menu and newsletter options add to user engagement and will definitely drive many leads and customers.

Bakerix - Delicious Bakery Magento 2 Theme

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Well, these were our speculations about the GOT characters’ destinies had they lived among us. Hope, you liked these suggestions and already found a theme that may fit you too. Or, perhaps, you have other ideas of the business that would have fit your favorite character? Don’t hesitate, share your thoughts with us!

Well, these are our speculations about the GOT characters’ destinies were they to live among us today. I hope you liked these suggestions and have already found a theme that may fit you too. Or, perhaps, you have other ideas of the type of business that would fit your favorite character? Don’t hesitate, share your thoughts with us!


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