Web Typography: Why Web Fonts Aren’t a Matter of Opinion

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Website font choices affect more than the design aesthetics. You’re reviewing the latest mocks for your new website, and you’re not quite sure about the font choices. They look nice, but you wanted something edgier, bolder, something that pops off the page and grabs the visitor’s attention. Should you raise the question with your designer? We understand why you would…

How to improve your digital typography

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Moving from print to digital, there's one obvious and important difference to consider when it comes to typography. Unlike with print, in digital design, your type is not going to remain static.  "Printed type can be tightly controlled, with the outcome exactly as the designer intended," says Jack Statham, mid-weight designer at Ragged Edge. "But typography on-screen may be rendered…

The 10 commandments of typography

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Whether you're an art director, graphic designer working from home or a web designer, getting your typography right is essential if you want to get your message across in the way you, or your client, intended. For an in-depth look at various aspects of typography, check out our typography tutorials. In this post, we look at common type mistakes, how…