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Adding an animation to your website is a great way to grab user's attention. However, as any digital artist will confirm, good animation takes knowledge, skill and a lot of patience. Good news is, there are many tools designed to help with such a task, including the HTML5-based Animatron Studio Pro. And right now you can get a lifetime membership to the service for just $49.99 (approx. £37).

Animatron Studio Pro offers an easy-to-use drag and drop system to get the look and style that you’re after, with no need for any coding. The tool utilises a WYSIWYG editor, so you are able to see exactly how your final product will look as you create it. It's simple, straightforward and produces high-quality results. 

The lifetime membership to Animatron Studio Pro usually retails for $1,000, but you can get it right now for just $49.99 (approx. £37). That's a savings of 95% off the retail price for this must-have tool for any aspiring animator. Grab this deal today!


We've all become used to having decent type online these days thanks to web fonts, but if you're a web designer without a background in typography, you might be unaware of some of the lesser-known features of your fonts that can really help bring your website layout to life.

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Now, though, there's a free tool online that makes it easy to unlock your fonts' full potential. It's called Wakamai Fondue and it's designed to answer the question, 'What can my font do?' Geddit?

It's the work of Dutch developer Roel Nieskens, and it's incredibly simple to use. Simply go to the the Wakamai Fondue site, drag a font onto its big circle (or just click the circle to upload a font instead), and it'll tell you all about the font's features that you probably didn't know about.

So, if your favourite font has a whole load of extra glyphs, ornaments and ligatures that you weren't aware of, this is the perfect way to find out about them. And more than that, Wakamai Fondue helps you use all these features online.

How well do you really know your fonts?

As well as a summary of the font's details, its features and character set, Wakamai Fondue also provides you with all the CSS you'll need to take advantage of your font's features in your web projects. 

Simply download the auto-generated stylesheet and you'll be able to unlock a load of layout features that you might not have realised existed.

Wakamai Fondue reveals your fonts’ hidden features and gives you the CSS to use them

It's the perfect way to help pump up your web designs with extra print design flair, and used wisely, these extra features will make your pages not only easier on the eye, but more readable, too. Combine your newly found font features with the wisdom in these typography tutorials and you'll soon be able to take your web layouts to the next level.

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