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The Biggest Social Media Changes in 2018

The Biggest Social Media Changes in 2018

As the year 2018 has started it makes sense that in this new year what could be the biggest social media changes that can be expected.

Typically, the world of social media has witnessed a continuous growth in technology and innovation. Every day some new innovations are seen, or new announcements are heard.

So, let’s discuss the prospective trends that can follow in this year and ways in which the social media managers can plan for these changes.

1.Continuous growth in the Live video content.

Recently Facebook announced some changes to its News Feed algorithm that will change itself based on the type of content users that shifting from the user’s friends and families to the type of content or pages which the user’s followers. This further implies that it is going to initiate an intensive discussion among the users as they share a content in their own private network.

2. Messaging apps will be an important mode of communication.

Today there are various messaging apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, WeChat etc. Almost 4 billion people use these kinds of messaging Apps to communicate with the each other. These kinds of Apps provide a much faster and easier way to contact people. In fact, using messaging for customer service is more far more scale and lesser to cost especially for businesses and customer services.

3. Virtual reality on the rise of better marketing experiences.

In the era of Artificial Intelligence Virtual Reality is making the headlines. With its unique features, it creates a memorable experience unlike other mediums in the field of marketing. In fact, due to this brand are instantly acknowledging its value.

4. Voice search and AI will be the game changer

As the development continues the voice-powered devices which are quick in responding to the verbal commands are heavily dependent on Artificial Intelligence. As we can see in the market that some voice controlled for personal help are being built into a few devices that we use such as smart speakers, TVs etc.

The other innovation where Artificial Intelligence plays an important role is in autonomous vehicle technology continues to progress. Based on this technology, it is apparent that voice activation will be certainly used for the self-driving cars too. As these kinds of vehicles will be equipped with voice-powered capabilities that will allow the drivers to execute other functions like making phone calls without taking your hands away from the steering.

5. A boom in Live Streaming

There will be an outgrowth of Live streaming and we are going to see a lot more to it. The presence of Live Streaming will increase as it works. For instance, through this technology, we get an upgrade in the phones every day.

6. Online Hangouts will be the order of the Day

The online hangouts are trending fast with the Generation Z which believes in more of socializing and partying. In fact, Online Hangouts goes hand in hand with the VR.

7. Influencer Marketing will be at the Focal point in the Social Media Engagement

The influence of marketing is a Big business with a billion-dollar riding on it. In fact, there are many people mint money up to 6 figures through influencer marketing.

It has a huge impact on the millennials in making their career choices and kind of choices they make in everyday life such as the kinds of products they want to buy.

8. Making stories with Instagram

From a marketing standpoint, the Instagram stories will have a lot of relevance as compared to another marketing platform. There is a flood of Instagram stories which accounts for almost 10,000 followers.

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The Power Behind Social Media

The Power Behind Social Media

Persuasion is a big part of what I do and I sell a lot using social media. Everyone talks about how social media is not the place for selling. The interaction and relating to your customers is important. I look at social media no different than I do a radio or television commercial. Those forms sometimes are not interesting at all.

What I find interesting is that you have to make a distinction between interacting with your clients and selling. The best sales people in the world all interact with their clients in someway shape or form. They give out valuable information and something that is useful. Most people have problems and the interaction can lead to solutions.

If you use social media to shout at people telling them to buy, buy, buy or get their attention in other shouting ways your customers can turn on you very quickly. That's were people make their mistakes.

Social media is a wonderful tool that can be used to enhance your selling. It can highly influence people to go one way or the next. You do not want to scream at people, interrupt them, spam them and stuff like that. Using stuff like I just mentioned will have your customers turning on you quickly.

For me to launch a product successfully, I have a process that I go through. First I'll do x amount of one kind of tweeting and x amount of another kind of posting. Then I'll make sure I have it on my blog. When people interact with you, you see where the interest lies.

I like to use a combination of two different types of approach. I have a certain way I create videos. When I use certain programs; they have ways of letting you know which videos are the ones that are well liked. If they go to a URL that I tell them about in the video, I can see what kind of traffic I am getting from that video.

The things I am doing allow me to be very targeted in what I am doing. I have a certain way I like to tweet all the time; I update my blog on a regular basis and interact with my friends on other social networks. Those things all work. I also do pre-teleseminars. Everything has it usage and I use it very well.

When people talk to me, I talk back to them. I sometimes get into a conversation with some of them as well. It all tells me how interesting I am being to my clients. I also encourage them to tell their friends about what I am doing. If you do social media the right way, it will give you a good return on your time.

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How To Build Your List - Using Social Media

How To Build Your List – Using Social Media

When you begin the process of learning how to build your list, there is one thing that you might miss that will make the difference between success and failure. You have to be authentic and real to the people to whom you're marketing or else you will never gain a large-scale audience. Using the various social media avenues, such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, will allow you to truly take advantage of this key when learning properly how to build your list.

Why Do I Need To Be Authentic?

When you're studying the different methods of how to build a list using social media, stop and think about what gets your attention for a moment. Do you pay attention to the obvious advertisements in your Twitter feed or on your Facebook wall, or do you stop and look at the things from the real people who provide more authentic posts for you to read? If you see a short Tweet that says "Hey look at this miracle foot cream for $ 5.99 !!" Are you really going to give it a second thought? You probably will not even finish reading it before going on to the next Tweet. On the other hand, if you see a message on your Facebook wall talking about a problem a person had and then offering a solution that does not read like an advertisement, you'd be more likely to click it and read what it said. That's authenticity.

So Why Am I Using Social Media?

It makes no difference if you're learning how to build your list or how to do Advanced Calculus, you want to find the simplest option and go with it. In online marketing, Social Media is the essence of simplicity because it allows you to just be yourself. It is very, very easy for most people to spot a fake. If you are trying to be someone else, you will not come across as being as authentic as you could be if you were trying to be yourself instead. Do not look at each individual as a sale or a customer; instead, look at each person as someone who needs help and you are the person who can provide that help. This is the secret to any type of sales and is essential when learning how to build your list.

How to Build Your List: Build It & They Will Come

Whether you're building a baseball field or learning how to build a list, you also have to learn how to build relationships as well. Think about the people you meet in the real world. You can not just walk up to them and take their money! You have to get to know them, converse with them, and offer them something in exchange for their money, time, or email address. List building is no different. Take the time to read their comments and reply back to them. Use their name in the correspondence. Make whatever you are offering something of extreme value that keeps them coming back for more and more.

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How to Use Twitter As a Marketing Tool

How to Use Twitter As a Marketing Tool

Twitter is one of the social media. It is pretty much a blog combined with a chat room, so, basically, it allows you a platform to get your ideas out before a group of people in real time.

Before we get into the meat of my article, I want so share something amusing that happened as I was writing it: As I was dictating the title of my article, my dictation software spat out this sentence instead: "how to use torture as a marketing tool "

Back on topic: It might be helpful to briefly discuss how Twitter works: It is sort of like a walkie talkie in that only only people who have switched on to your channel (by following you) can receive your messages. In the same way, you will only receive messages from those people whose channel you have switched on (by following them.)

So, the first order of business, after you join, is to start adding people to your followers list. You will then be switched into their channel and be able to receive their messages.

Who should you follow? Anyone who is interested in your niche. So if you are promoting a make money offer, you should follow people who are interested in making money. If you are promoting a dog training book or technique, then people interested in dogs would be appropriate. Use the "find people" tool at the top right of your screen when you are logged into your Twitter account and type in keywords related to your niche. You will then pull up a list of Twitter accounts tagged with those keywords. Pick one or two accounts as a "base" account out of that list and start following people who are following that account.

I should insert a word of caution here: Twitter does not have a follower limit: you may follow no more than 2000 at a time until 2000 or more people are following you. After that point, you may follow an additional number of people no greater than 110% of the number of people following you.

Correspondingly, you should be careful about which you follow. Do not feel the need to follow someone just because they're following you. You want followers who will actually read your tweets, and are not just following you to increase their follow count.

Once people start following you, you will be able to send them messages. What should you "tweet" about? Well there's no hard and fast rule here, other than you should always aim to send no more than one promotional message for every three messages that you send out. The reason for this is that you want to give your followers a reason to keep following you, and constant promotional messages (like one after the other, all day long) is probably the fastest way to get "unfollowed" really quickly.

If used judiciously, Twitter can be a great marketing resource. You can use it to build a list of followers highly interested in what you have to say. That, in Internet marketing terms, is like having money in the bank.

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Networking and Social Media

Networking and Social Media

However, one should take into account some tips when using Facebook, MySpace, or Twitter. Using these sites to increase the profits in your business should have a personal touch lest you get perceived by others as a spammer. Remember that shoving your message to others will not be an effective method as this will only be more damaging instead of being profitable. People might get annoyed with constant nagging, so in increasing your network, make sure that you only choose people who have the possibility of becoming your very own customers.

In addition to that, try to get a hold of people who are also in the same line of business. This way, you can receive tips from them on how to make money using social media the better way. You can also seek their help when you are starting out. Keep in mind that the beginnings of marketing through social networks can prove to be a tough job. Success does not easily come knocking at your door, so be sure to have a lot of patience and determination to keep you in your shoes.

The first thing that you should keep in mind is to make sure that your profile in the various social media websites should state clearly what you want others to know about you. You should be clear in your intentions instead of deceiving others into believing something that you are not. Say it straight that you are doing business and give them people an overview on what it is all about.

Another thing that you should do in promoting your online business via Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, and other similar websites is to actively participate in group discussions. This means that you should post things that could be of good use to people. This way, you can increase your credibility among the members of your network, who will always appreciate the things that you share through reviews, tips, and tutorials.

If there are any people who ask about your business, then entertain them. Whatever question it is that they ask about your business, make sure that you provide them with clear answers. Make some follow ups when it is necessary to do so. This way, you can win the hearts of people and who knows, they might just be the right people that you are waiting for. Also, be loyal to these people as they have the possibility of being loyal to you. It is not answerable with a one-time activity. One must be able to allot some time for it in order to make it work for your business. Basic values are still needed, so always incorporate these whenever you are out there networking.

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Social Media Success - Guidelines To Use Social Media Successfully For Your Business

Social Media Success – Guidelines To Use Social Media Successfully For Your Business

Social media has definitely been evolving in the past few years. Something that began as a way to keep in touch with your family and friends has evolved into a means to promote your business and to keep in touch with your customers. How will you use social media successfully to get your business message out there?

Here are some tips to assist you use social media successfully now and in the future for your business.

There are a few basic fundamentals which are very important and that will have a great influence on your success. I believe these elements will not likely change in the near future and that it is important for you to get these elements right to be successful and profitable.

Good Content:

Have you ever heard the expression, "Content Is King"? Without you have not been involved in internet marketing, you have heard this time and again. So, what is good content and exactly how is good content important to your success in social media?

As you know, there is content all over the web. There is good content and there is not so good content. How will you be aware on the internet with your content?

When you use social media to market your business, it is extremely critical that you do not brag about your company or "blow your own horn". Social media is all about creating good and useful content to make sure that you will connect with your readers to keep them interested in what you have to say. It is important for you to provide great content to your readers that gives something of value and stories that they can refer to.

When you write good content, people will also want to share that good information with their friends and collections. They will link to your blog, retweet your tweets or just simply tell people about you and your site. This is free advertising for you. Advertising that is priceless.

Something to keep in mind when you're utilizing social media for your business, together with providing useful tips, you also want to let people see the private side of you. They need to have the ability to connect with you and it is important that they see just who you are. This means that adding a picture of you on your site is important. In addition you need to provide some personal background information about you. Show your readers that you really want to help them.

Social Media Marketing Strategies:

Like I said before, if you provide good and helpful information, people will choose to share that information with those who they know. This is using your customers as a marketing tool. You may think that this way is a bit deceitful, but it is not. By way of example, if you find good information and you know that it will help one of your friends, do not you pass it along? You would only pass it along if it was actually helped you and you also knew that it would especially help your friend.

Social media sites like Foursquare and review sites like Yelp are fantastic ways to get your message out using your list of clients. These sites are ideal for people to promote information and sites that are helpful. If individuals have something to say about a product or service, they will certainly talk about it on sites such as these. Just remember, people will also discuss things which they do not like about a product or service on these sites. So, it goes both ways. Which is why it's so very important to get your best content and information out there.

Also, if people are talking about your products or services negatively, this is when it is possible to rectify the situation. Something you need to always bear in mind if you see negative comments, the best way to handle them is always to apologize and make it right.

Customer support:

Using Social media sites is a good way to provide your customers great customer service. Without customers, you have no business. These sites provide you with a venue in which to stay touch with your customers on a daily basis. Rather then just throwing advertisements at them, you will be connecting with them and interacting with them. You will be amazed by the response you will get when you solve a problem for a customer on Facebook or Twitter. Your good customer service will spread like a virus.

Or maybe there was a negative comment made about your business. When you are interacting with your visitors, you certainly will learn about it promptly and can rectify the problem right away.

Using social media sites is also a powerful way to realize what your company may not be providing that your customers need. If you are in the market of producing digital products for people, this is a great way to find out what your next project might be.

Another important aspect of social media marketing is building trust with your customers. This is so easy using social media, but, you need to stay on top of things and respond to people in a timely manner. You want to show that you are a person and not just a company. Just treat your customers the way that you would want to be treated if things were reversed.

Follow these few simple tips and you will be successful in your social media marketing strategies.

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Make Money With Social Media and Affiliate Programs

Make Money With Social Media and Affiliate Programs

You’ve no doubt heard a lot about social media, and how great it can be as an online marketing tool. If used correctly, that’s absolutely true. There are several steps you can follow in order to use social media as an effective part of your affiliate marketing strategy.

First, pick a niche you want to enter into. You want to pick a large enough niche that you will have an audience for your products or services, but not one that’s so large that it’s oversaturated. If the niche is too saturated, your site will get lost in the stream of content that already exists for that niche.

Now you need something to sell to your niche. If you can create a product or service of your own that would appeal to your niche, that’s the best thing to do. If not, there are plenty of great affiliate programs out there that can help you to bring in some income without creating a product of your own.

Now, take some time, and give yourself a social media presence. Create a Facebook page, a Twitter account, and a YouTube account related to the niche you are entering into. Each account should have a name directly related to the niche you’re entering into. Take some time to consider the name of each account carefully, and while you’re doing this, start thinking about potential names for a website.

The next step is to create a website. You’ll want to register your domain name, rather than, The domain name should contain keywords directly related to your niche, so take some time and think carefully about what to call your new site. Generally speaking, it’s a good idea to run a blog rather than a site that won’t be updated frequently. Search engines favor sites with frequent updates, and blogging software tends to be very SEO friendly.

Once your new site is up it’s time to bring it all together. Start using your social media accounts to promote your website. Post links to your content on Facebook and Twitter, and make videos relevant to your niche to post on YouTube. Update your social media accounts, and your blog frequently, and you’ll start seeing a good amount of traffic in no time. As your traffic grows, you’ll get more attention to your affiliate programs, and as such, you’ll generate more revenue.

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Using Social Media to Grow Your Business - Why Use Social Media Sites As a Marketing Strategy Today

Using Social Media to Grow Your Business – Why Use Social Media Sites As a Marketing Strategy Today

Social media use is no more only for sharing thoughts, information and data across the web, internet marketers now use it to market their businesses. It is becoming impossible to hear a guru talk about marketing and not hear him mention this marketing strategy and why your business needs to take advantage of it. Social media, networks and the tools behind them are a fantastic way to promote your business.

Here are reasons for using social media to grow your business:

1. Name branding

Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Digg enable you to make a presence where your customers are and to reach a huge number of potential clients. If you want to appear relevant and in-step with the latest advances in technology, your potential customers will want to see you on these sites as well. Also, using social network sites enables you to portray yourself as a leader. People buy into you before they buy what you have to sell.

2. Social network site contents influence search results

Search engines like Google are increasingly indexing and ranking posts and other information from social media sites. For instance, YouTube videos are optimized for indexing by the major search engines. Furthermore, your profiles rich with keywords, especially those on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook, often rank highly with major search engines.

3. Site traffic generation

Posting updates on social media sites regularly and linking them back to your site will generate traffic for your site. For example, Digg generates traffic to your site if you post articles and blog posts regularly.

4. Targeted audience

Using social network sites enables you to reach targeted potential customers for your marketing purposes. Your profile when created to reach your targeted audience will attract people in your niche and you can directly engage consumers in conversation with these sites tools.

5. Cheap marketing strategy

Using social network sites is a cheap way to market your business. Actually, if you do not engage some social media tools for fast results, it is absolutely free. All you need to do is to set it up and you are ready to market your business.

6. Community benefits

Social media sites is also a place to update your skills and when you have a problem and throw it open in the media site, you will get answers from different people who use them. It is a platform for sharing information and if you can do that within the comfort of your home without spending any money on transportation, then it is indeed a great opportunity for your business.

The benefits of using this internet strategy is such that anybody that is not using it today to communicate or connect with other people is impeding the progress of his business. Social media integrated with internet marketing has become a MUST for every online business. Is there anything that will stop you from using this marketing strategy now?

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Social Media Marketing - A Branding New Experience

Social Media Marketing – A Branding New Experience

Social media is actually referred to as a type of 'Inbound marketing' which is a specific type of marketing strategy that focuses on getting discovered by customers, rather than just seeking out customers. This is accomplished by developing a relationship between the brand and customer. Here, marketers are alerting their way into a consumer's life rather than buying or begging their way in, as with the more traditional or 'outbound' marketing techniques. Due to the shift in lifestyles of today's society and the many technological advances that we face such as caller ID, Tivo, iPads, and blackberries, the effectiveness of outbound marketing is steadily declining. This leads people away from being exposed to TV and radio commercials, magazines, and telemarketers and more towards the internet and social search engines.

For this reason, it is in your best interest to master the art of utilizing social branding network techniques in order to promote your business, whether big or small, in order to create awareness and interest. Using Social Media will give you leverage to compete with larger brands and with bigger budgets. There are a few social media sites in particular that are highly populated and visited so it is best to start by plugging into those because this will generate an extremely larger audience.

Create profiles on as many social media sites as possible, but it is suggested that you first and foremost begin with Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. These are all free and easy, and are accessed by the most people. Be sure to use all possible Facebook tools such as posting a fan page for your business and include pictures, questions, information, and resources that your target audience would find useful, entertaining, and interesting. On Twitter you will also need to set up an account and try to customize the page as individual and unique with a background and catchy titles. With twitter you are given a limited amount of text to use, so make sure to hyperlink words back to your website or blog, which will also create traffic and the possibility of being picked up by search engines such as Google. Finally, with LinkedIn you will create a personal account and company page where you can link your company's website to the blog and it will be shared with the professional community. You will have the ability to answer questions posted by your target audience which will give you "expertise" in the field.

Keep in mind that you should always listen out to what your audience audience is interested in and asking so that you can cater to their needs and needs accordingly. If you can detect what they are talking about and desiring to learn more from, then you can relate to them and create value by sharing your thoughts and company's initiatives. It's also important to note that the social media sites should not be used to pitch your products or brands but rather to connect with groups of people who have similar interests and are looking for useful information and answers. The key is to create reliable, valuable content on these social media sites so that they will be passed along, referenced, and regenerated by various users. The general idea is to get people familiar and talking about your company and if you can develop these sites and stand out in any possible way then you will be sure to accomplish your goal.

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How Can I Do Online Advertising?

How Can I Do Online Advertising?

Many online businesses start out on a limited spending budget and think they can not manage to pay for advertising. The good news is that there are now many more options to start online advertising than even just a few years ago. Even better, there is not a sharp learning curve to be able to use them and get a good return on your investment.

Paid ads do cost money, but they're scalable, so when you produce an effective ad, you can increase your spending to show your ads even more, for more traffic and profits.

PPC Networks

PPC stands for Pay Per Click. As the name follows, you only pay if someone clicks on your ad. There main two PPC networks.

Google AdWords

This is the most well-known network. It shows ads on its own search engine results pages and on a range of other sites. Some of the sites are owned by ordinary people who want to make money from their website, so they join the Google AdSense program.The system is challenging to use, however. It's so full-featured, there are courses online to teach you how to use the system.


Bing, by Microsoft, amalgamated with Yahoo PPC ads a a number of years ago in an attempt to compete with Google. Although you may not get as much traffic from Bing as you do from Google, the Bing ad program tends to be less expensive and simpler to use.

Social Media

There are a number of social media sites you can use for online advertising as. Their ad programs are highly targeted, and they're easier to use than Google. The ads are driven more by matching your ads with the interest people have stated or shown through their likes and content they engage with.


Facebook ads offer some hard rivalry to Google AdWords because their online advertising rates are less expensive, the system is much easier to use, and the website traffic can be much more highly targeted. You can get the same amount of traffic for pennies on the dollar in comparison with Google once you learn their fairly straightforward system. You need to have a Facebook business page to run ads. And all your ads will have to have an image.

Ad Marketplaces

There are also ad areas like BuySellAds or Chitika where you can connect with various sites who take advertising. The objective here would be to find a substantive website that matches the niche or industry you are working in so you can get "qualified traffic," that is, people most likely to be interested in what you have to sell.

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