Small Firms Love the Low (or No) Cost of Digital Marketing

For years now, insurance agencies that are committed to remaining viable and in step with new methods have been taking to the information superhighway to attract prospects and engage existing clients. Employing the Internet has enabled small firms to produce campaigns with major impact yet on a minor budget, offering cost savings that traditional advertising outlets simply can not compete with. Because a lot of Internet advertising does not have any costs associated other than the time it takes to post the content, enabling firms with limited budgets to nonetheless produce an effective digital market insurance campaign.

Companies typically rely on a combination of tactics to spread their message to the masses, including social media, search engine optimization, online directories that are placed free of charge, and banner swapping. Search engine optimization is a method of enhancing the company's web presence in ways that will make it achieve a higher ranking on the most commonly used search engines when consumers search for results based on related keywords they enter. There are ever-evolving methods to capture better SEO rankings, so it may be wise to refer to a specialist for this task.

Free online business directories offer a listing of companies that are located within a given area and / or within a type of industry. These directories generally list companies free of charge because the more content they have, the more they can charge for advertising that appears alongside the directory content.

Social media has quickly become a standard, key item in every company's advertising toolbox. From tweets about breaking news to in-depth stories, messages, photos, and profiles on the company's Facebook page, social media can be used to encourage consumers to follow the company for information on promotional events or other public relations programs. The two-way nature of social media allows for firms to hear directly from their audience and know what they're thinking and how well a program has been received.

Banner swapping is an electronic update of the traditional cross-marketing tactic. Company A approaches another firm in the area – Company B-and offers to place that firm's banner on its website if Company B will do the same with Company A's banner. This strategy works best when the company teams with another firm that has wide appeal to the demographic and target audience that is being thought after.

Bottom line: small companies, take heart! Establishing a digital marketing insurance campaign can be accomplished, even when the company is operating on a shoestring advertising budget.

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