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20 Graphic Design Tutorials You Have To Watch To Improve Your Ski…

20 Graphic Design Tutorials You Have To Watch To Improve Your Ski...

A good designer is constantly learning new tricks on how to apply different effects to a photo or built a form from scratch. Some of you may search for various tutorials just to improve your skills, or maybe you need to know some specific technique for your current project.

In any case, on this list, we have handpicked 20 latest graphic design tutorials to take your skills to a whole new level.

Here you’ll see Photoshop and Illustrator tutorials on how to create a movie poster from an image, apply endless photo effect, create geometric pattern and text effect, build a retro logo, and much more.

1. Create an Action Packed Movie Poster in Photoshop


2. Create a Mini Planet Using Photoshop’s 3D Capabilities


3. How to Create a Steampunk Type Treatment in Photoshop


4. Create an abstract liquid effect


5. Create a Studio Sports Portrait


6. Create a Powerful Human Disintegration Effect in Photoshop


7. How to Create an Endless Picture Within a Picture Illusion in Adobe Photoshop


8. How To Create a Geometric Pattern in Adobe Illustrator


9. How To Create Digital Particle Waves in Adobe Illustrator


10. How to design graphic figures


11. How To Create an Editable Retro Text Style in Illustrator


12. How to Create a Quick & Easy Duotone Text Effect in Adobe Photoshop


13. How To Create a Vintage Film Title Text Effect in Photoshop


14. Create mixed inks with InDesign


15. How to design a typographical poster using Adobe InDesign


16. Create special print finishes in InDesign


17. How to create a retro logo with Affinity Designer


18. Mock up AR graphics with After Effects


19. How to Draw a Colorful, Fun, Vector Vampire in Adobe Illustrator


20. Create a Painted Portrait Effect in Illustrator Using the Bristle Brush


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21 Beautiful Rubber Stamp Logo Designs to See

21 Beautiful Rubber Stamp Logo Designs to See

We used to see designs on the screen of our computers, smartphones, and tablets. However, there is still something magical in holding a printed design in hands and being able to feel the texture.

In this collection, we handpicked some beautiful custom-crafted rubber stamp logo designs you need to see. Stamping your logo on a paper cup or package can add some personal touch to your branding.

A rubber stamp logo has been around for ages, but lately, they have become popular again since vintage designs came back. Just scroll down and enjoy the collection.

1. MILLER Tree Care stamps


2. Oystr. Rubber Stamp


3. Mid Studios – Rubber Stamp


4. Ordinato Mark


5. Rubber Stamping


6. coffee mug icon/stamp


7. Nick Lundeen Stamp


8. atomicvibe stamp


9. Cori Cory


10. Personal Avatar


11. Stamp!


12. RUBBER STAMP | Nacho Trees


13. Stamp


14. Rubber stamp – Logo for a private english teacher


15. Handle With Care Stamp


16. STAMP | Custom Wedding Rubber Stamp


17. Vea Medica


18. Rubber Stamp


19. Stamp on gas station napkin


20. ALDRTREE Stamp


21. Lion Mark


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20 Amazingly Creative Wedding Invitation Designs

The wedding day is one of the most important days in our lives. Everything has to be perfect: the wedding decorations, the dress, the cake, wedding photos, and of course, wedding invitations. A lot of work is done on wedding preparations.

Wedding invites can be printed or written by hand, in any case, they should carry a personal touch or a couple that is going to get married. In this collection, we have handpicked creative wedding invitation designs that will definitely impress you!

The designers of these invites play around witgh colors, typography, images and get amazing results. So, scroll down, see the wedding invitations and get ideas you can use for your own big day.

1. Teepee Invite


2. Wedding Invitation Design


3. Wedding invitation Design


4. Kai+Tuan wedding invitation card


5. Wedding Invite – Overall


6. Adventure for Two: Wedding Invitations


7. A Paper Record Player


8. Insta Photo Frame wedding invitation set


9. Wedding Save The Date Balloon Cards


10. Wedding Invite – Overall


11. My Wedding Invites


12. Wedding Invite Final 2


13. K+M Wedding Invitations


14. save the date invitation


15. Festive Wedding Suite


16. Love City Life


17. The Rabbit & Monday Misfits


18. Chad & Helen | Wedding Stationery


19. Save The Date invitation


20. Wedding Stationery | Ashley & Edwin


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Why Every Web Designer Should Be Using a VPN

Why Every Web Designer Should Be Using a VPN

Some web designers may not recognize the importance of using a virtual private network (VPN) while working on client sites. The reality, though, is that anyone who needs to provide even a modicum of privacy and security to their clients should absolutely start incorporating a high-quality VPN solution into their workday. After all, this is one of the easiest ways to minimize the risk of a data breach.

VPNs 101

Most tech-savvy people know what a VPN is and how it operates, which is why they’re already using one. For those who might spend all of their time on the design end of things, and therefore be behind the times with security measures, let’s take a really quick look at a VPN’s role.

In a nutshell, a VPN prevents hackers from accessing your data. Even if someone is able to crack into your VPN long enough to grab data, encryption will prevent them from opening it. Due to this, many businesses and individuals worldwide search the web almost exclusively via the protection of a VPN.   

Web Designers and VPNs

Why Every Web Designer Should Be Using a VPN

VPNs are commonly used by people who are outside of their secured office network. However, even if you only work from the office or at home, a VPN may still be a wise investment. Consider the privacy needs of your current website development clients. How would they feel or react if you allowed some of their private data to slip into the wrong hands?

By setting up a VPN, you can provide clients with an extra layer of protection. This will also help minimize your risk of getting involved in a costly data breach lawsuit.

Protecting Proprietary Information

Keep in mind that data alone may not be the only proprietary information a hacker is looking for. It’s possible that a company’s competition could attempt to hack your system if they know you’re working on a new website design. After all, established businesses frequently do major site overhauls to accompany the launch of a new product, service or overall direction. A VPN will keep these details between you and the client until the site is ready to go live.

Preventing Major Leaks That Could Majorly Derail Your Career

Do you have any major website design clients who could lose tons of money due to a single security breach? A prime example is the entertainment industry. Perhaps you’ve been tasked with creating a site for a well-known band’s upcoming release. This is almost certainly going to include a track listing, music files, new images and maybe even highly guarded details such as their unannounced upcoming tour dates.

As recent movie studio hacks have proven, leaving anything vulnerable to hackers will allow transmitted data to end up in the wrong hands. Something as simple as uploading images to an unpublished site could create a horrible ripple effect that ruins your reputation. If you do all of your uploading from a VPN, though, you’re much more likely to keep everything private and secure.

Are VPNs Impenetrable?

Nothing is impenetrable on the World Wide Web. However, VPNs are hacked into much less frequently than traditions networks, and these incidents usually accompany an incorrectly configured VPN. Despite this, it would be foolish to believe that every single thing you do from behind a VPN is going to remain 100 percent private forever.

Recently, some in the tech world were shocked to discover that VPNs may actually be storing some private information, including your browser history. This came to light after a VPN provider assisted the FBI in a cyberstalking case. The provider in question, PureVPN, claims they don’t store any browsing data, but they were somehow able to turn over pertinent details to the FBI.

The lesson here is that you must properly configure your VPN, and it’s also wise to steer clear of illegal activity. VPNs may be popular with the file sharing crowd, but this doesn’t mean providers will always hide their illegal actions. On the plus side, the risk of any type of data exposure is always reduced with a quality VPN.

How to Choose a VPN

Unless you’re working with a big budget, a VPN is yet another necessary thing that could reduce your profit margin. Instead of letting this get you down or prevent you from making the switch, consider one of the best free VPNs of 2017. This isn’t going to be a permanent solution because free VPNs usually institute a usage cap. However, going this route will enable you to test drive VPNs to get a better understanding of how they work.

Ultimately, you’ll want to invest in the best caliber VPN you can afford. Aside from this, it’s also critical to look closely at user reviews and any associated news stories. It’s probably a given that many VPN users will be jumping ship from PureVPN in light of their recent data collection revelation. Even this offers you and your web design clients a much higher level of protection than working through a typical network, though.

By choosing a VPN and using it for each client, even when you’re out of the office, you can offer better service and enhanced privacy. This is something you can even advertise to make potential clients feel more confident about hiring you for their website design needs.     


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25 Beautiful Handpicked Script Fonts to Use in 2017

25 Beautiful Handpicked Script Fonts to Use in 2017

Script or cursive fonts are often used in web and graphic design. They can be easily paired with sans-serif fonts to create amazing typography. As a rule, script fonts represent handwriting. They can add a personal touch to any project, whether it’s a website design, or wedding invitation, postcard, or flyer.

Fortunately, there is no need to create a font each time you need it. There are numerous free and premium script fonts available on internet these days. In this list, we have handpicked 15 free beautiful script fonts you can use in 2017. So, scroll down, choose the font you like and download it.



2. Zing Rust


3. Oraqle


4. Noelan


5. Atlantica


6. Wild Youth


7. King Basil


8. Humblle Rought Free Font


9. Cursive Script


10. Selima


11. Playlist Free Font




13. PhotoWall


14. The Woodlands


15. Campground


16. Mightype Script


17. Better Together Script


18. Shania


19. Hello Stockholm


20. Streamster Typeface


21. Andrea Script


22. Serendipity Script


23. Lauren


24. Iced Tea


25. Jennet


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15 Great Google Font Combinations For Your Next Project Design

15 Great Google Font Combinations For Your Next Project Design

For any website, content is the most important part. So, naturally, you would want it to be as simple and straightforward as possible, in order not to worry about viewers trying to understand the cryptic messages hidden behind poor color choices and messy fonts.

This is why not only the general design and imagery but also the font choices and the overall consideration for typography are important for conveying the right message to the audience. By choosing appropriate font combinations and assigning the right hierarchy where needed, you can decrease the confusion and let the viewers stay and read your content.

In terms of appealing visual language, your text should have few characteristics, of which the most important are a readable font, the high contrast, and the hierarchy.

Even if there is a large library of fonts out there, many designers choose a sans serif fonts such as Helvetica, Verdana or Arial as their main font because they are familiar, very easy to read and adaptable to any design project. They also come standard, so by choosing fonts as these, they can be sure that the text will visually be the same not just for print, but also for web design.

Thankfully, the design world has advanced to the point where fonts are not nearly as limited as they once were. Starting with 2010 the Google Fonts were released, making the process of choosing and pairing fonts easier and quicker.

However, you should be aware that not every font combination in Google’s library is a recipe for typographical success. With the right font pairings and usage considerations, your brand will convey the right message to your audience, professionalism, and reader friendliness without the need for expensive customized fonts.

In this article, I’ll show you 15 great Google Font combinations that will help you to accomplish all this.

You will find below 15 spectacular Google Font combinations that together with images and graphics, will help you define your brand’s personality.

Open Sans Condensed + Open Sans

15 Great Google Font Combinations For Your Next Project Design

Open Sans Condensed / Open Sans

Here’s the easiest combination that works wonderfully for nearly any design project. Open Sans is one of—if not the—most versatile font in the entire collection of Google Fonts. It’s extremely easy to read in large blocks of text, at the same time being salient enough for headlines.

I can’t imagine any scenario where Open Sans would go wrong. Unless you’re looking specifically for a serif font, this one will serve perfectly almost any business, blog, landing page, or web app.

Simple. Elegant. Familiar.

Montserrat + Merriweather

15 Great Google Font Combinations For Your Next Project Design

Monserrat / Merriweather

Montserrat is a very appreciated font among designers for its versatility and simplicity, and Merriweather pairs wonderfully with it because its contrasting style and easy readability. It doean’t matter if you interchange them as headlines or paragraph text—they both work great as either!

This particular combination is a nice balance of modern and classic design. Therefore, its variety of uses could support many types of businesses.

Raleway + Roboto Slab

15 Great Google Font Combinations For Your Next Project Design

Raleway / Roboto Slab

Roboto Slab is a versatile font,  yet a bit more classical in style. When paired with the distinctive and bold Raleway, we can see an amazing match of clean and refined typography.

Raleway is one of those fonts that defines sophistication. When used as an all-caps headline, it works beautifully for luxury items like jewelry, designer clothing, perfumes and so on. Roboto Slab supports it well with simple and approachable descriptive text.

Playfair Display + Source Sans Pro

15 Great Google Font Combinations For Your Next Project Design

Playfair Display / Source Sans Pro

Playfair Display was inspired by the letterforms of the 18th century during the transition from quills to steel-tipped pens. So, it’s no surprise that this font expresses an old charm while having a modern twist.

This font adds a personal touch to something like a tagline or product description. If you use its currency symbols, you’ll immediately see why it’s the perfect choice for a product or service centered around luxury and appearances.

At the same time, Source Sans Pro keeps the text grounded in a modern and clean presentation, while pushes things a little further into the future and creates an intriguing combination.

Alegreya + Lato

15 Great Google Font Combinations For Your Next Project Design

Alegreya / Lato

Alegreya is a font without no pretense about its personality; what you see is what you get. On the other side, Lato could be champion of all-purpose fonts in Google’s library. Together they make for a combination that is fun, easy to read, and pragmatic.

This combination is great for small local businesses like cafes, or professionals who want to suggest a warm feeling to their clients’ design projects.

Fjalla One + Cantarell

15 Great Google Font Combinations For Your Next Project Design

Fjalla One / Cantarell

Maybe it’s not one of the most versatile fonts, but Fjalla One creates headlines that demand attention. Small or large, lowercase or all caps, those letters are hypnotic no matter what you do with them. Similarly, Cantarell has a charm that seems to attract the same attention that Fjalla One draws for headlines.

This pairing works extremely well for blogs, landing pages or anything else that includes long bodies of text that needs noticeable subheadings to break up content.

Roboto Condensed + Roboto

15 Great Google Font Combinations For Your Next Project Design

Roboto Condensed / Roboto

The Roboto font-family is extremely versatile, having many font weights, there’s practically no limitation to what the font could be used for. Modern and geometric, yet somehow friendly and dependable, Roboto is an exceed in terms of forms and functions.

Here’s another pairing that you could use. While Roboto works for just about anything, but it would work particularly for tech startups, modern small businesses, or any type of brand that looks into the future.

Amatic SC + Josefin Sans

15 Great Google Font Combinations For Your Next Project Design

Amatic SC / Josefin Sans

This is more for people with artistic inclinations. Obviously, the combination won’t work for everyone, but the bizarre nature of both Amatic SC and Josefin Sans create something that for sure will stand out, as long as you don’t overdo it.

If you’re a fun-spirited artist, musician or entertainer, you could use this pairing to capture your unique personality. Depending on the niche, tone, and topics, this combination could also work for a blog.

Oswald + Droid Serif

15 Great Google Font Combinations For Your Next Project Design

Oswald / Droid Serif

Regardless the font-weight or use of caps, Oswald is a great font for headlines. Its condensed nature helps it grab attention and pop, but it also makes for a pleasant text, if you use it as your main body’s font. On the other side, Droid Serif has a classic look, similar to Garamond. Used properly, this serif font can bring a nice elegance to your professional appearance.

The versatility of Oswald and the timelessness of Droid Serif make this combination great for professionals dealing with high-end clientele or for product descriptions where the text is important to emphasize a premium quality.

Unica One + Vollkorn

15 Great Google Font Combinations For Your Next Project Design

Unica One / Vollkorn

Unica One can be pretty funky on its own, but when used as all caps it becomes a headline that is all business. Vollkorn is a font reminiscent of classical literature. Contemporary and impactful, when they are used in this combination, somehow the two of them work amazingly together.

Archivo Black + Tenor Sans

15 Great Google Font Combinations For Your Next Project Design

Archivo Black / Tenor Sans

Archivo Black was designed to meet the intensive needs of print and digital platforms. Originally created for headlines and highlights, this font is ideal for high-geared press work.

On the other hand, Tenor Sans has as purpose to aid page body text setting. Because of its legible characters, this font gives an elegant and relaxed feel and it can also be applied to headlines. Combining these two fonts, you will have a highly legible and well-crafted typography that’s a recipe for high-performance typesetting.

Pathway Gothic One + Cardo

15 Great Google Font Combinations For Your Next Project Design

Pathway Gothic One / Cardo

Cardo is a large font perfect for linguists, classicists, medieval specialists and biblical scholars.  It is largely used for documentation and other extensive publications. It offers a variety of punctuation techniques, text figures, and ligatures.

Pathway Gothic One is a stylish font with an outlandish compressed design. It is an attractive choice among typesetting and typography experts. The result of combining these two fonts is nothing short of amazing.

Six Caps + Archivo Narrow

15 Great Google Font Combinations For Your Next Project Design

Six Caps / Archivo Narrow

Six Caps is a highly condensed and tight display font. It is a stripped down and normalized version of classic grotesque display letterforms.

Archivo Narrow was designed to be used simultaneously in print and digital platforms and it was originally created for highlights and headlines. The technical and aesthetic characteristics of the font are both crafted for high-performance typography.

With a warm and modern feeling, the combination works perfectly for design projects related to the entertainment industry.

Oswald + Open Sans

15 Great Google Font Combinations For Your Next Project Design

Oswald / Open Sans

Here again Open Sans. This humanist sans serif typeface was designed with an upright stress, open forms and a neutral, yet friendly appearance. It was optimized for print, web, and mobile interfaces, and has excellent legibility characteristics in its letterforms.

Regardless the font-weight or use of caps, Oswald is great for headlines, so pairing them will bring you the timeless feeling of elegance and refinement.

Poppins + Sintony

15 Great Google Font Combinations For Your Next Project Design

Poppins / Sintony

Sintony is a modern sans serif typeface, drawn with a slightly square structure and smooth stroke modulation. It’s great for long passages of text, providing any text with a calm and clear feeling.

On the other side, Poppins is one of the newcomers to the long tradition of the geometric sans serif fonts. These typefaces have been a popular design tool ever since these actors took to the world’s stage.

The combination works perfectly and can serve almost any business, blog, landing page, or web app.










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A new stock resource website, has just launched, and all the resources are absolutely free to download. This is one to add to your bookmarks!

They have an amazing collection of photos, videos, vectors, icons, and even fonts, designed to inspire and stock the toolboxes of the web design industry.

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