Radically Redesigning Your Website Versus Incrementally Making It Better

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As a business owner who wants to make a variety of changes to your website – or perhaps build or design a new site from scratch – you face important decisions about how you want to invest your energies. Should you take what you’ve got and slowly whittle away at it, using the help of a designer, copywriters, and your own team, until you achieve substantially better results? Or should you throw everything out (or most everything out) and re-imagine it entirely?

This incremental versus “radical” overhaul approach has parallels in the world of business process improvement. As a business owner, you obviously understand the importance of systems. To create excellent systems, you can use two basic strategies. One is known as Business Process Improvement (BPI), and it basically involves taking a process already working in your business and making it faster, stronger, better, more profitable, less annoying, less prone to error, etc. For instance, maybe your accounting process is causing cash flow issues – you’re not collecting until the end of the month and running out of cash to make payroll. You could use Business Process Improvement to reorient your cash collection process, so that you could get paid earlier in the month to make payroll easier and eliminate the cash flow crunch.

On the other hand, in the 1980s and 1990s, an entirely different kind of process realignment emerged called Re-engineering. In Re-engineering, you make wide-reaching changes to your process in the hopes of radical change. For instance, maybe right now you have a team of retailers at a several stores, and you have 100 people on payroll. Through Re-engineering your sales process, you might develop an electronic way to retail your goods that would obviate the need for all but a skeleton crew of five people in the U.S. plus outsources. You could cut a lot of jobs and save a lot of money. That’s the idea of Re-engineering (and also why some people loathe this approach – because it often leads to the shedding of lots of suddenly redundant jobs!)

This all begs a key question: which kind of process improvement strategy should you apply, when, and under what circumstances? Here are some guidelines that apply to making any kinds of decisions within your business, including design, website and copywriting ones:

  • Understand the purpose of the project. Why are you getting your website redesigned? Why do you want to improve your copywriting? Why do you want to improve your conversions? Articulating your purpose will give you a clearer sense of what to do.
  • What kinds of changes are necessary for you to meet your website design goals? Are you looking to bump up your conversion numbers by 20%? If so, incremental improvement may be the way to go. Or are you looking to increase traffic to your website by 10,000% or install a wildly new image for your brand or team? If so, then a Re-engineering inspired approach might be better.
  • Do you have a map for the current way that your site is being run? An established “way of doing business” that defines rules for your employees (or your designers/copywriters) for updating and maintaining the website? If so – if you already have some kind of map – then improve on it incrementally. If not – if you don’t have an orderly way of doing business already – then Re-engineering might be better.

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