Making Your Copywriting Sparkle, So That Your Website Meets Its Goals

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As you contemplate either revising your business website from wholesale or improving it by tweaking, changing colors, adding graphics, and so forth, you probably also want to take a look at your copywriting.

Copywriting is kind of a mystical art. Many business owners both respect it and fear it… for understandable reasons. When done right, copywriting can radically improve your conversion rates and win you lots of points from the search engines; you can enjoy massive dividends for months and years after you purchase such copy. On the other hand, the perils are as bleak as the perks are exciting. Poor copywriting can drive away visitors, cheapen your brand and even annoy or perplex long-term, loyal clients and stakeholders.

As you work through your site design, you may want to manage the copywriting process in-house by designating someone on your team (or maybe even taking time yourself) to write the copy. However, this process can consume a lot of in-company resources. If your time is worth $300 an hour, for instance, and it takes you an hour to write a single page of copy for your website, you are effectively “paying” $300 an hour for every page of copy that you produce.

On the other hand, if you hire out to write the copy, you must have a good oversight process in place. The internet is lousy with “content houses” and writers who offer their services cheaply. But when it comes to copywriting, you get what you pay for. Overly cheap, inarticulate, and unsubtle copy can actively cause your business harm. And never try to game the search engines by adding lots of bulk, uninteresting, poorly written, irrelevant copy to your site or blog. Not only will doing that not help you, but it could backfire and get your site downgraded by the search engines. Worry less about keyword stuffing and throwing lots of content up there… and worry much more about the user experience.

What is the content supposed to accomplish on your site? What are your parameters for its success or failure? How quickly do you want it? What tone do you like? Once you have these questions answered, recruit and vet high quality copywriters to get the work done.

Some copywriting can literally be worth its weight in gold and then some.

For instance, the most successful sales letter copywriters often charge $30,000 or more for 8 to 10 page letters designed to sell high-end products to cold traffic. Odds are that you don’t need that level of copywriting. But be prepared to pay anywhere from $0.10 per word (for the cheapest “good quality” content) to $0.20+ per word.

Also, remember: Less is more. If you can only afford four pages of quality content, go for that, instead of buying eight pages of mediocre content.

In terms of your site design, however, you also want a team that’s going to know how to integrate the copy, facilitate user engagement and improve and build your brand. To that end, please call the Connective Web Design team today for a confidential consultation with us. Connective Web Design is the top Los Angeles SEO Company.

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