Going Digital With Social Media Marketing

Going Digital With Social Media Marketing

Everyone knows that the internet is taking over most of our traditional activities. The internet provides us with a venue to do very specific things like listen to the radio, watch an entertaining short film, check out a recipe for an exotic Thai dish, purchase that gorgeous set of bangles from India, or purchase a ticket to actually go there. The internet is filled with so many possibilities and so many opportunities that it now seems like a reflection of the offline or physical world. Thus, for business, marketing online would only seem like a natural thing to do, and social media marketing is more a necessity than an option.

Social media marketing takes advantage of social media sites that allow people to post their ideas, gather information from others, interact with people, and share their thoughts, or even converse instantly. Some examples of social media are blogging sites, micro blogging sites, and social networking sites.

One fact that is the basis for all these online marketing strategies is that internet users who like the same things and prefer the same products flock to certain site son the internet. We all know that the World Wide Web is a vast network of web spaces and pages and that there are so many distractions and niches on the internet. Thus, besides the basic search engine and social networking sites that we visit, we frequent sites that truly cater to our interests and passions.

This makes it easier for a marketer to create tools and strategies and position them in sites that would cater to people who actually respond and purchase their products. As an example, a marketer would not waste time posting ads on a website for first time mothers when he is selling office supplies. Obviously, placement and the proper use of tools to reach a specific target market is a traditional marketing ideology. However, going digital means that it is now easier to identify where a certain market goes, thus making the market more specific in terms of preferences and attitudes; at the same time, widening the target market to include people form all over the world.

Making use of social media marketing seems to be the trend these days as more and more marketers are trying to come up with new ways to excite the internet using crowd; all while maintaining and applying traditional marketing lessons. Truly, the challenge for a marketer today is seamlessly moving from the offline world to the digital world without veering away from his base values ​​and marketing principles.

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