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Enter the True AR app design challenge

If you're passionate about augmented reality (AR) and want to be the first to try the upcoming True AR SDK by WayRay, you're in the right place. Global holographic AR technology company WayRay is currently running the True AR Challenge, an online competition where designers and developers are invited to share their ideas for AR applications for cars. 

WayRay has brought amazing partners to the challenge, so you’ll get to pitch your idea and present your solution to top specialists from academia (ETH Zürich, EPFL), business (Roland Berger GmbH), and industry (Porsche AG).

How to enter the challenge

To enter the contest, register online, download the materials and visualise your idea of an AR app interface for cars. The most creative, original, and user-friendly concepts will be granted $2,000–$5,000 and shortlisted for the US-based hackathon later this year, the winner of which will walk away with $40,000. 

The online phase lasts until May 30, culminating at the onsite Hackathon, where designers will team up with developers to create AR app prototypes and compete for their share of the $160,000 prize pool. 

Here's a step-by-step guide to enter:

  • Register at https://wayray.com/sdk/challenge
  • Confirm your participation in the automatic reply
  • Download the materials (rules, PowerPoint template, images, videos)
  • Fill in the application form in the PowerPoint template
  • Use the images to visualize your AR app interface and add the pictures to the template
  • Optional: use the videos with different road scenarios to visualize an animated version of your AR app, upload your videos to any file hosting service and put the link into the template
  • Convert the filled PowerPoint template into a PDF file and send it to sdkchallenge@wayray.com, open until 30 May 2018.

Shortlisted finalists will be notified by email by 30 June 2018. For full terms and conditions, visit the dedicated challenge page on the WayRay website. 

Judging criteria

When deciding who makes the shortlist, the judges will be looking at the following criteria:

  • Creativity (How original is the AR app?)
  • Relevance (Does the AR app serve a user need?)
  • Design (Did the participant/team put thought into the user experience? Is the AR UI pleasant to look at?)

About WayRay

WayRay is a global holographic AR technology company headquartered in Switzerland

Founded in 2012, WayRay is a global holographic AR technology company headquartered in Switzerland. In keeping the full R&D process under control – from product concept to prototype testing – WayRay has morphed from a startup into a full-cycle manufacturer of holographic optical systems, hardware, and software. 

WayRay’s solutions for the automotive industry include Navion, the first-ever aftermarket holographic AR navigation system; the embedded Holographic AR Display, a built-in solution for car makers; the True AR SDK for developers to create AR apps for cars; and Element, a gamified car tracker for smarter driving. In the last few years, WayRay has carried out successful projects with car manufacturers like Honda, Porsche, and Rinspeed.