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How to Convert Traffic – The Basics

In order to convert the traffic that comes to your Web site, you have to know your market. In other words you don’t want to spend all of your online business marketing on spamming your information to everyone. Instead, you want to make sure that you’re focusing on reaching out to the people who will be the most likely to buy things from your online business. That’s how you attain more business success, because you’re catching the attention of people who will come to your site with the intent to purchase, not just out of curiosity. That means you’ll have not only more traffic to your online business but also better conversion rates, which will ultimately lead to more business success.

You can’t get business success overnight, whether you have an online business or an offline business, but you can start today to work on ideas that will increase your business and improve your conversion rates. When people come to your Web site, they should already want to purchase your product. If they already want it, simple things like price might not be such a deterrent. Of course it will to some people, but the object is to make your product so desirable that you get a great deal of traffic to your Web site and that your conversion rates go way up because so many of your site visitors are becoming customers. With that in mind, your marketing is one of the most important ways to convert traffic and achieve business success.

If you don’t market your product and your online business well people aren’t going to be impressed and they aren’t going to want to buy from you. They might not even want to come to your Web site, since they won’t feel that you know what you’re talking about or that you have the confidence that they are looking for. Good marketing can avoid all of this, though, since people will see that you have confidence in your product and that’s something that they need and want. It’ll help you to bring in more traffic for your online business, and you’ll see higher conversion rates and a better level of business success.

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Tailor Traffic Generation to a Website Flipping Strategy

One of the areas of website flipping that is really bread and butter to the entire action is generating traffic. Whether you're creating a new website from scratch and then selling it, or even if you've bought a website and are looking to improve it – traffic generation is bound to be one of the ways in which you ensure that you're capable to set a high selling price for your website.

Needless to say this is in no small part due to the fact that more potential customers means more possible sales!

When generating traffic, you need to seriously start to think about your website flipping strategy as a whole. While there are numerous methods and ways in which to go about getting more traffic, you're going to find that some types of traffic generation are more suited to certain strategies than others. For example, if you're going to look into increasing your ranking on search engines to get traffic – great. However you should bear in mind that increasing your ranking on search engines is a process that could potentially take months. So if you're looking for a 'quick sale', it might not be the best way to get extra traffic.

Similarly, if your traffic comes from CPA advertising then you're going to find that some buyers may not be so interested simply because they know that they'll have to continue to spend money advertising in order to get the traffic that you've been obtaining.

As you can see, traffic generation is not really as 'simple' an issue as you may have thought it was and in order to get the best results you're going to have to tailor your traffic generation to the particular website flipping strategy that you intend to follow. If you're only in it for the short term then you might want to consider things like blog comments, forum posts, article marketing, social bookmarking and even maybe CPA offers (provided you understand that it could be count against you).

On the flipside, if you're in it for the long term, then search engine rankings and article marketing (as well), as well as directory submissions to increase backlinks can really pay off.

End of the day, its definitely your decision to make, however you need to keep in mind this fact – and make sure that you do not end up losing out simply because the traffic generation methods that you used were not in line with your overall website flipping strategy . So long as you remember that, you will find that you're able to make decisions that will pay off in the long run.

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How to Make Money With AdSense

If you want to build residual income on the internet you should look into Google AdSense. The opportunities out there to make money with AdSense offer beginners the best change of building a passive stream of income from the internet. Perhaps the best part about learning to build residual income with AdSense is you can start off small by writing articles on website’s that already have prominent search engine placement due to their high page rank, inbound links, and large number of pages.

The disadvantage to this is that all of these article websites that pay members are revenue sharing systems. You get to publish articles on their website that will achieve high search engine rankings because that website is an authority. Then after you get a good understanding of this business model you learn how to build your own website in which you do not have to share revenue.

This is basically article distribution. The only difference is you are writing articles for money instead of links to your website. Websites that you can write articles on and get paid for it are referred to commonly on the web as “paid to write” websites. These types of websites make it easy to build nice looking articles with little to no HTML skills. Then those pages will be indexed by search engines, especially Google and yahoo. They deliver free traffic to your articles and when someone clicks on the ads you get paid for it.

Eventually you can upgrade to building your own website. I did this myself. I started out on Hubpages where you can write articles that get lots of page views. Those articles have Google AdSense ads on them and earn money when search engines deliver free targeted visitors to click on those ads. This is how you make money with AdSense without your own website just to get the hang of it. It wont take long to realize that this business model is quite effective in building residual income and worth learning before you take the time to learn site building.

Once you learn how how to build a search engine friendly website you can use AdSense to create multiple streams of income. The type of AdSense you use on paid article sites is called “AdSense for content”. It is for monetizing content pages hints the name. You can also place AdSense ads on RSS feeds, site search results, mobile webpages, and domains. When you have your own website built you will have all these options since you can easily create a site search engine using Google’s tools, build a RSS Feed with Feedburner, convert your pages into mobile ones, and you will of course have tons of content pages to place AdSense ads.

Once you complete this you just let your website run on autopilot. You may want to add some things that will increase the amount of residual income that you make such as an autoresponder ecourse that you either charge money for or contains affiliate links that will earn you commissions on products if you do not have your own. Both options are good money makers. Another thing you can do to increase your amount of residual income is incorporate user generated content. You do this by buying software that you can use on your site that will allow site visitors to create their own pages within your site.

Soon your site will double in pages. There is one product that stands alone in this niche. It is called Content 2.0. It is a software product offered by SiteSell for $100 a year. It easily allows site visitors to create their own content pages that will get indexed by the search engines and return significant traffic to your site.

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What is Affiliate Marketing Or an Affiliate Site?

Affiliate Marketing Secrets

Today, we can easily create own web site. As long as you have a Computer Access Internet, You will be able to access sites such as Google, using them to provide web site design templates to create a simple personal website. The website will assign you a Uniform Resource Locator (URL) to store the content on your page, while also adding some of these sites want to advertise advertising. In this way, only one or two hours of your pages on the Internet in!

But how to make your site to achieve more function? How to use it profitable traffic to your site? If you are an online affiliate, how do you attract people to your site to buy things? A can simultaneously satisfy the above two kinds of needs and is quite popular method is to Affiliate Marketing (Affiliate Program). This article will introduce what is affiliate marketing, affiliate marketing principles apply to the object and how to use
affiliate marketing to make your site benefit from.

What is Affiliate Marketing or Affiliate Site?

Affiliate marketing is also called Affiliate Marketing Network (Associate Program), the Affiliate Web site (Online Merchant Web Site) and the affiliated Web site (Affiliate Web Site) an agreement reached between. Stipulated in the agreement, the latter providing the former users, the former to the latter to pay a commission for this. The affiliated sites to place links to business sites, and in accordance with the two sides agreed to receive advertising in return for payment of fees. Returns are generally disbursed in accordance with the adoption Affiliates (Affiliate) sites the number of visitors into the affiliate Web site or a purchase or other acts of the number of customers to be calculated.

Some are also in accordance with the affiliated Web site to access the affiliate Web site banner ads (Banner Ad) to calculate the number of people. Basically, as long as the affiliate merchant site members can give to bring passenger flow or earnings, business web site, which will be in accordance with agreement between the parties to pay a certain remuneration. The recruitment of affiliates (Recruiting Affiliate) is not only a good way to conduct online sales, but also is a cheap and efficient marketing strategy. In addition, it is a good choice of site promotion.

Affiliate marketing, at least the following three:
* Customer
* Affiliated sites
* Merchant Website

In 1996, Amazon (, CEO and founder JeffBezos (Jeff Bezos) to make affiliate marketing as a network marketing strategy to spread open. Amazon On-line commitment, in accordance with referral and affiliate sites to purchase books or other commodities, the number of profit-sharing commission, in order to attract affiliate website point to Amazon books for sale online, or link. The affiliated sites help only sold by Amazon’s other things to do online, including: taking orders, collection, shipped to customers. The results of this strategy victory need more than 500,000 Web site to join them.

Currently, affiliate marketing has been an increasing number of website used by a variety of forms. For many none core E-business the websites to become an affiliate member is engaged in a good way of e-commerce.

Affiliate Program, paid model

Affiliate marketing there are three models of payment:

* Pay according to sales (Based on sales to pay): Amazon’s online affiliate marketing program that is paid by sales of a typical example. In such a pay model, only when a customer through the affiliate link to visit the merchant web site members and produce the actual purchase, the affiliate Web site will pay to affiliates. Some merchants, like Amazon, the same line, according to a certain percentage of sales paid; there are also some merchants for each product sold will be paid a certain amount.

* Pay-per-click (The amount of pay-per-click): In this payment model, the affiliate Web site under the affiliate website and click on the link to point to the number of visitors to the affiliate membership fee. Visitors do not need to buy any commodity, but also from affiliate sites log on to the affiliate website and conduct after the act has nothing to do with the Member Web site.

* According to the number of pay-to guide (According to guide the number of payments): Click here to pay-mode operation of the business according to the completion of guidance (i.e., fills out and submits a form) the number of visitors to the affiliate membership fee. This means that the completion of a affiliate site requires visitors to fill out the information, which information can be used as a affiliate Web site sales leads, or as sales leads to sell other companies.

There are also some other payment model. Basically, the affiliate marketing program, merchants will select their best behavior as a basis for payment, and then transfer to their affiliate sites the occurrence of this behavior, the number of clients paid to affiliated members.

Several basic pay in the above model, derived from some other more prevailing payment mode:
* Two-tier affiliate program(Two-Tier Program): two-tier affiliate program structure and Amway, Avon and other companies used in multi-layer direct marketing (also known as “network marketing”, is a development on behalf of salespeople and commissioned salespeople sell and profit from marketing) is similar to the organizational structure. In this payment model, affiliate membership is not only the sales from its Web site, click on or get a commission to guide behavior, but also its development, and point to cascade under the affiliate Web site is a member of sales, clicks or get a commission to guide behavior.

* The residual income affiliate program(Residual Program): This affiliate program provided that if the members from the affiliate web site visitors to enter the affiliate Web site to purchase products at the affiliate Web site or services, a continuous, affiliate members can thus continues to be a commission. Many customers get from regular income (such as monthly service fee charged) of online merchants to use more of this affiliate program.

In addition, there are a few shows by the number of affiliate programs pay. The implementation of these programs (also known as pay-per-view program of visits) companies only in view of its banner ads the visitors visits to the Member to pay a commission. This pattern often does not fully equipped with the structure of affiliate marketing, just as a traditional advertising and marketing to operate. Compared with traditional advertising, affiliate network marketing advantage only when an affiliate member of the business produced the desired results, the merchant fees are allowed.

While the advertisers, the traditional advertising (for example, that you see on television advertising and a number of banner ads on the Internet) and risk is relatively larger. Because in the traditional advertising model, they do the ads cost effectiveness is uncertain. If your ad is greater than the benefits to the company advertising costs, advertising even if successful; but if the benefits of advertising than advertising costs, the company can only resign to fate. In affiliate marketing, online business is only valid when paid in the ad. Thus, significantly reduced the risk of advertisers. It is precisely because of this, one would like to contract for advertising sites, in order to join affiliate marketing is far more direct way of advertising is much easier to find advertisers.

How to manage affiliate marketing or affiliate software?

Conceptually speaking, affiliate marketing, it seems quite simple; However, to ensure its smooth operation, people need to do a lot of work behind the scenes. In order to truly grasp the affiliate members of the commission amount, the need for someone to track websites visited by members of the actual situation of a affiliate website.

According to the different payment models may need to determine:

* Affiliate membership in a particular site and click to enter the number of merchant sites
* Members through an affiliate site links into the affiliate website and on the website shopping or perform other acts of the expected number of clients
* In the affiliate members of the website of a affiliate website published the number of banner ads

In addition, merchants and affiliate tracking between members of the original agreement to ensure that the latter received a deserved commission.

Whether a merchant Web site to recruit affiliates, or affiliates to identify interested in affiliate marketing programs are a lot of work needs to be done. However, there are still many companies that take the time to personally manage members are quite worth it, therefore, as tirelessly as the Amazon, the pro-force into it. Although these companies the entire process of marketing the program and in full control of the commission paid on time, they are still able to attract a large number of franchisees.

Because their conditions of membership in terms of a zero risk or zero cost, that is, affiliates can link to websites to make money just doing a good job. However, for many sites, recruiting members, or join an affiliate business websites are pieces of time-consuming and laborious task. Web site owners and many have little confidence in the commission calculation of the amount of commercial sites.

Are you looking for more information on affiliate marketing? CK Fang’s has been in the business of affiliate marketing websites for over 3+ years. He is the creator of “What is Affiliate Marketing Or an Affiliate Site”, which give you information what is affiliate marketing.

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The Most Common Small Business Web Site Traffic Killers

A prospective client asked me to view his web site and give him some advice on how to make the site better. Unfortunately, his site was such a mess it became the inspiration for this article.

One of the primary reasons to have a web site is to attract and educate visitors. However, this obvious concept seems to be lost on many web designers. The way your site is designed, what's there and what's not there, including what's in the unseen HTML code, can have a great impact on how much traffic your site will generate.

Here's my list of the most common web site design sins and traffic killers. Use this list as you design your own site or show it to your web designer. If your web designer does not understand these points or dismisses them as unimportant. . .move on!

One word of warning, we are going to look under that hood of that shiny web page and see some of what makes it run from the search engine view. – This is not always for the squeamish.

No title tag or meaningless title tags. – Title tags are part of the HTML structure of every web page. Think of them as the informal name of the page. See for yourself. Go to . Look up there at the top of browser window and you will see the words – Small Business Marketing Ideas and Strategies – that's the title of that page. Now right click your mouse in the page and hit "view source or view page source." When you do this, you are looking at the HTML code for this page. Now, see that The Most Common Small Business Web Site Traffic Killers Small Business Marketing Ideas and Strategies [/ title] Every page has got them and they are one of the most important aspects of your web site. . .yet most people do not even use them. NOTE: While you are looking at this source code realize that this is what the search engines see. No matter what your page looks like it will not be found if this code does not help you get found. More on that.

Your title tags can be a great tool for getting you search engine traffic if they are combined with good page content. Notice that my title tag is not Duct Tape Marketing or the often used Welcome to My Site. My tag is Small Business Marketing Ideas and Strategies. Now, think about this for a minute. Not too many people search for Duct Tape Marketing and nobody searches for Welcome to My Site, but small business marketing, now that's another story. Most small business owners waste the effectiveness of their title tags with something like: The name of their business or our products. Use title tags and make them part of your site content. Think about what people search for in your industry and name your pages based on that.

Flash Intro pages – Do not get me started on this one. You know those pages that do all this really cool animated motion graphics and then present you with an entry or splash screen. I'll admit, these are works of art and I could not design one if I had to, but visit and do that "View Source" trick again and tell me if you think a search engine could tell what that page was about. Remember, search engine spiders can not see pictures or hear sounds!

Cleverness – There are lots of little things that designers like to do because they can. The question is what's it costing your site. One of my favorites is that date thing. You've likely been to a site that publishes today's date. Perhaps there is a good reason for that but go on back to view source on one these pages and you will see the price of that little trick. This date trick adds 300-400 lines of JavaScript code at the beginning of your page. All of this makes it hard for those search engines to find your real content. Think long and hard about adding stuff that gets in the way.

No Anchor Text Hyperlinks – Web site designs like to make little buttons and badges for navigation links. Now, this can be okay but this is also a place where less is more. Text with a hyperlink is easily understood by search engines. Remember, they can not see images. Help them understand what your page is all about. Even if you have images navigation, put text links at the bottom of your page with all of your navigation.

Referral Marketing – This is a text link

Contact info hidden – There are some web site owners out there that do not want to be easy to contact but I'm guessing that's not you. Put your address and contact information on every page and make them text. More and more people are turning to their web browser like a phone book. Lots of local address and content links can make it easier to find you in your own town.

Most important content out of order – Search engines read your source code in the order they come on it. Some engines only read a small portion so you should make sure that your most important content is early on your page. Left side navigation columns, commonly found on web sites, appear at the top of the source code and could be hindering your site from receiving proper credit for the content it contains.

No use of Heading tags – HTML uses a series of H or heading tags to help structure a page like an outline. H1 for the most important headings h2 for subheads and so on. Each of your pages will do well to contain a keyword rich headline, much like an ad for the page, and h1, / h1 mark-up in the code to let the search engines know that this is a really important part of the page. Then, do the same with sub sections with h2, / h2 tags. I know that most designers understand these tags when it comes to styling a page but few get the important role they play in the search engine game.

Look, there is plenty more to learn about this subject and certain aspects will change from week to week but now that you have a better understanding of how search engines view your site you can go out there and make pages that get found.

Copyright 2005 John Jantsch

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Is it Possible to Get Free Targeted Website Traffic That Makes You Money?

Acquiring free website traffic for your website is what most website owners dream of. The problem is that more and more website owners are falling victim to the myth that they must spend money and pay for unique services in order to obtain substantive web traffic. However, this is completely untrue. There are numerous ways that anyone can gain free website traffic for their website or blog.

First and foremost, consider affiliating with other websites. Simply by creating an affiliate program and aligning yourself with other websites that are in your same niche but contain different content, you can begin to share web traffic with other hosts. This is by and far one of the easiest and most relied on tactics that website owners take in order to generate free website traffic.

Secondly, consider creating articles based on topics covered within your niche and submitting them to multiple article directories on the Internet. When doing this you can begin to generate web traffic based on a link to your website in the bio of each article that you complete. The more on topic and keyword sensitive that these articles are the better chance you will have of gaining more web traffic.

Do not be fooled into thinking that you have to pay through the nose in order to gain web traffic. You can in fact gain free website traffic through these two methods and through countless others. All you have to do is seek out these methods and put them to use!

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Website Traffic Secrets – Building Long Term Traffic

All too often, when people are trying to figure out how to get visitors to their websites, they think only in the short term. Let's be honest for a moment, you want to know how you can get people to visit and make a purchase today and make some money, right?

While you can make money in the short term, this means you need to keep coming up with new ideas to keep the money flowing. The best money making tactic is to work from day one on your long term traffic building techniques. This allows you to get traffic flowing consistently into the future. In this article we will briefly highlight just a few techniques you can use to get started.

Article Marketing

Using articles to create your traffic flow is one of the best techniques around, but is often dismissed, especially by those new to internet marketing. The great thing about an article you write is that it can be picked up and used by web site owners all over the world who need content. This spreads the word about you and your site and builds traffic over the long term. Keep writing high quality articles, narrowly targeted to cover a single subject, and you will find them provide a great source of traffic.


Blogging continues to be a really good traffic source and is much easier to do than most people think. You need to narrowly target your blog to cover a defined niche and provide good information for your readers. The writing part often intimates many people but it should not. Just 10 minutes a day most days will help you generate tons of content. Once you get into the routine it should not take you more than 10 minutes to create each blog post. Just remember to refer your blog visitors to your main site!

Free Reports

Creating a free report is an often overlooked traffic technique. Using your expert knowledge of a niche, create a 10-15 page report covering come key aspects of your niche that people are interested in. Make the information useful and readers will want to know more. This is where you give them a link and tell them the benefits of a visit to your site. Now give the report away free and encourage anyone and everyone to also give it away, as long as your links are kept intact. Now you have a great traffic resource that will spread itself around the internet generating traffic.

In this article we have highlighted just three of the many different methods you can use to build a long term flow of traffic. Make the most of the these very simple and highly effective methods and you will see visitors for many years to come.

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How To Turn Spam Into MLM Website Traffic

I'm sure you have placed an ad or two in the free classifieds before today but … did you do the right way? Are you using spam to help boost your website traffic?

1. OK, let me explain

Free classified ads are easy enough to find, simply go to any search engine and put in "free classifieds" and place your ad in as many sites as you like.

Most classifieds ask you to put in your email address for responses. Do not use your normal address, get an auto-responder.

Use the auto-responder address in your ad. Your auto-responder instantly sends out your pre-accused message to those requiring more information.

2. But what else happens to your ad?

Basically two things; responses from interested persons and spam from spammers. The advantage of an auto-responder is this: From your free classified ads your auto-responder address will most likely be harvested onto spam lists by email gathering software. Which is a good thing !?

Now every time someone spams your auto-responder address they will get your auto-responder message advertising your website, opportunity etc. Spam lists in turn get on other spam lists that ever get sold to real people using real addresses believing them to be opt in lists.

If you get sick of the spam mail being redirected to you by your auto-responder, you can have your auto-responder messages directed to a dead address.

3. Dealing with classifieds

Now let's say you've decided to put in five classifieds a day. What I recommend you do is; each time you get to the page where you enter your ad details that you copy the URL to that page and keep it filed on your desktop. After one month of doing this you will have about 150 URLs that take you directly to the ADD YOUR POST page of 150 qualified sites. This will also give you a speedy advertising system.

Simply cut and paste the ADD POST URLS you collected to an email and send it to yourself. Then all you have to do is click on the URLS and you'll be taken directly to the ADD POST of each classified. With this system you may now add your ad to 10 sites per day as things are a whole heap faster.

4. Bring in the robot

You'll soon be sick of typing or pasting your name into each classified so to cure that there is a free form filling robot that you should use. By clicking or pasting in the following URL and hitting enter you can now download the form filling, password protecting robot.

Your personal password will stop others from accessing this great little robot. You'll never have to remember passwords etc again.

5. Tracking outstanding classifieds

If you want to know which classified sites are pulling the most prospects you can key each ad with a number. Eg "Website Hosting Now MLM, for more information put" Free 22 "in the Subject". Just remember to put the same number next to the URL you saved from that web page so you can tell which site is attracting the most people. You can probably think of other ways to track ad responses. Tracking is important because you'll be able to concentrate on the more responsive classifieds and discard the rest.

Also make sure your ad title stands out amid the crowd eg

****** $$$$ MLM HOSTING $$$$ ******

Also put in a few key words at the end of your ads as some sights run like a search engine. eg mlm, money, etc.

Now when you see spam in your inbox and notice that they sent it to your auto-responder address you'll appreciate it. It also saves you time sending your message back to them as they already have it. Those high tech spamming robots now work for you, free of charge. Read on:

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