Any Traffic Is Good – But Free Traffic Is Better

Any Traffic Is Good - But Free Traffic Is Better

Any Traffic Is Good – But Free Traffic Is Better

There is no denying that times are hard – the cost of running an online business is high enough without having to spend money generating traffic to your websites. But for those of us on a tight budget there are some great traffic creating methods that are totally free (and who does not love anything that's free?)

* Firstly, I am going to recommend article writing, many ezines are totally free and hey you are reading this article right now? You can write articles on a whole host of topics and publish to different ezines, in turn creating lots of back links to your main website (s). This is your opportunity to be creative, develop your style, write about the things you like and are passionate about, write about your business and get people visiting for free.

* Secondly, I want to suggest using social network sites such as Twitter, Facebook and MySpace etc. All these social network sites have a massive population base, you can target potential customers, create business networks, and have fun at the same time. These sites are pretty normal and again you have the freedom to put your own spin on your page or profile, people buy from other people that they like, be personal it will not cost you a thing.

* Thirdly, blogging is another fantastic free way to generate traffic to your website. If you constantly update your blog then when people are searching for content – your blog will come higher in the search engine ranking which equals more free traffic. Online customers tend to trust the results given by search engines so are more inclined to have a look at your site if you have good, current content, which is being promoted with a good ranking.

* Fourth and final freebie for website traffic is commenting on other peoples blogs and articles. When commenting on other peoples blogs and articles you can leave your name, email and or website, so if others viewing are interested in your comments they can click on your details and view your website. Viewers of the same blog are certainly interested in the same content as you or what you have to offer, again be personal and get people interested.

Of course there are loads of other traffic making methods, and some you will like better than others. It is essential to keep an open mind and have a go, any traffic is good traffic, and obviously any free traffic is better ?!

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