20 packaging concepts we wish were real

Packaging is often a consumer's first point of contact with a product, so to say it's important is a little bit of an understatement. Not only does it need to be memorable and look good, it also needs to protect the valuable contents and be easy to open.

From wine bottles and tins, to jars and boxes, the chosen colour palette, typography, choice of materials and label design all play an incredibly important role in informing and persuading consumers to choose the product over its competition.

Aware of this at Shillington, the students are regularly set the challenge of creating their own packaging design concepts. Below are some examples that we really wish weren't just a figment of their imagination…

Razers by Christian Schubert

It was a close shave for Shillington student Christian Schubert with this fun packaging concept

Shillington student Christian Schubert created this brilliant concept packaging design for a fictional male grooming brand – aptly naming the product 'Chin'. The quirky packaging includes the strapline “smooth chin, practical chin” along with illustrations of a male character with an unusually long chin. We love the individual boxes and hint of retro in this design.

Science of Sweet by Robert Mead

Science of Sweet ‘pushing the boundaries of what chocolate can be for the good of mankind’

Based around a fictitious institution dedicated to “pushing the boundaries of what chocolate can be for the good of mankind”, Shillington student Robert Mead's concept product design takes inspiration from the Periodic Table and uses a simple monochrome identity with line drawings to represent the different ingredients.

“If Willy Wonka were real, he wouldn’t be a whimsical character, he’d be an incredible chemist,” Mead comments. 

Infinite Brew by Marusa Rimc

Beer, anyone?

There's nothing quite like a beer in the sunshine, especially when the packaging looks like this. Created by designer Marusa Rimc, a graduate of Shillington's New York campus, each Infinite Brew design is meant to evoke emotions associated with the different seasons; the Pale Ale, for instance, pays homage to summer while the Double IPA represents winter.

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